Lancome Hypnose Drama in 01 Black


Again, I have no laptop, so posting has been rather non-existent. However hopefully my laptop will be back to me within a fortnight, so until then, I'll just borrow one sporadically.

Today I'm bringing you one of my favourite products - mascara. I have teeny eyes, albino eyelashes and feel naked without eye make-up, especially when I'm wearing contacts. I have a major collection, but Lancome Hypnose Drama is one of my favourites.

The curved brush & packaging.

Lancome promise 'Instant full-body lash volume. Exceptional immediate volume.' & declare that this is 'A must have mascara for a sensual, incredible and extreme volume look.' Well, honestly, I agree. While it does lengthen, volume is this mascara's forte, and it does it well. The extreme black colour adds to this illusion, but with just a quick zig-zag in the roots of your eyelashes, they will already look bigger and bolder.

If you're in a rush, a few quick strokes will define your lashes and brighten up your eyes considerably - One coat is all that's needed. But, two coats can be built up for more volume, without clumping. However, as a warning, I do find that the brush is overloaded sometimes, which leads to a bit of a gloopy mess, but as long as you check the brush before application, you shouldn't have any problems. The brush iteslf is curved, so it fits into your lashes comfortably.

Bare lashes.
One coat.
Two coats.

Now, the bad news. The price. Of course, Lancome is a higher end brand, so you could probably pick up three high-street mascaras for Hypnose Drama's price tag of E25.92 in Debenhams. I have lots of cheaper mascaras that deliver similar results to this - But for a bit of luxury, the sleek black packaging with minimal gold writing is sophisticated and classic. I won't call this a must-have product but for girls whom love their mascaras, I don't think you'd regret having this in your collection!

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think?
Chloe x


Winner of Catrice Million Styles Topcoats

Hello girls!

So sorry for lack of blogging & announcement of my give-away winners - Anyone following me on Twitter will know that I have faced major problems with my laptop but I managed to borrow one to calculate the winners & let you guys know!
As before, I used Random.org to generate the winners from Rafflecopter, & I apologise for not having pictures to show the numbers that were generated, etc but it's just as I'm on a borrowed laptop.
However, the numbers were 25, 36 & 4 - Nina, Laura & Donna.
From the comments, Laura of WhatLarryLoves has won Shake It! Flake It!, Nina of Nina's Bargain Beauty has won ¿Holo QuĂ© Tal?! & Donna of Not Just On The Inside has won Miss MoneyPenny.
I'll give each of you a Tweet for addresses ASAP!
Congrats to the girls & for everyone else, I will hopefully be back blogging, with another give away soon!
Chloe x


July Wishlist

1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.

1. I love shirts - I've bought more recently than I have owned in my lifetime. I'm a stud & embellished collar fan too so this desperately needs to be mine.

2. As above, collar love right here. Ever thought a top would be amazing with a multi-coloured glittery Peter Pan collar? Just add this.

3. The blogging world and it's great aunt have been raving about YSL's new foundation so this isn't the first you'll have heard of it. I don't think this needs to be justified.

4. It's a bag.. That looks like a book! A book with the most gorgeous gold detail. I want it, & I want it to come in diary form too, so I can actually write in it. Please.

5. I only own one pair of converse - Neon pink ones. But, every girl needs some basic things that don't require army-like coordination to match an outfit together.

6. Nail polish is my weakness. Seeing as Ireland is pretty dark & dull right now, who could deny me one of the brightest shades in existence? 

DO you have you eye on anything?

Chloe x

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