La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will be all too aware that I have been sick. (I've been constantly whinging.) But basically, I wasn't feeling well since last Saturday, but only went to the doctor on Thursday. So for Saturday-Thursday, I was getting up, slathering on some make up, then not taking it off properly because I was way too wrecked. Because I was still training a few times a week & neglecting my skin, it was a disaster. After skipping make up on Tuesday & Wednesday because I couldn't find the energy, I was absolutely disgusted on Thursday morning when I put on some foundation to go to the doctor. It literally flaked off my face because it was so dry.

 I love the squeezy tube, it's so easy to get out & it's handy to throw in your bag!

I ran (staggered) home, and cleansed my face straight away. And that night, I covered my face in LRP's Hydraphase Intense Masque. It's a white mask that absorbs into any dehydrated spots in your skin, & it is magical. Like, unicorn & fairy magical. If you look at yourself, you can literally see your skin drinking up as much cream as it can.

The mask is a light, white cream.

LRP recommend applying a thick layer on your face, leaving it for 10 minutes, then patting off the excess. I prefer to apply a thin layer, and just leave it on overnight. The result is lovely, soft, moisturised skin in the morning. I'm writing this about 24 hours after applying the mask & I'm happily stroking my baby soft face. Not in a creepy way, honest..

For €16.50, I can see why it's so raved about. I've gotten sic uses out of mine so far & it doesn't feel anywhere near empty yet (Though that may be different if you use a thick layer more than once a week.) I got mine in Sam McCauleys, but it should be available in all LRP stockists.

What are your favourite remedies for dry, icky skin?
Chloe x


5 Things #5

It's exactly a month since I last posted.
My bad.

5 Songs
Ellie Goulding - Burn
Avicii - Wake Me Up 
Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
Wallis Bird - Encore
Ryan O Shaughnessy - No Name

5 To Look At

  1. I am not allowed eat. I am looking at anything to do with food.
  2. I have a new-found obsession with Instagram & LOLed heartily at the Disney version.
  3. If you blog & seem to be running out of ideas, join in with Girl Friday's September Beauty Blog Challenge!
  4. Am also obsessed with tattoos. Other people's.
  5. Orange Is The New Black. Just watch it.

5 Reasons I Smiled

  1. A lil love story.
  2. My 13 year old sister bought me the best dressing gown ever.
  3. I'm going up north for the All Irelands next week.
  4. I got nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland!
  5. I'm off work til Tuesday. (With a sick cert, but every cloud..)

I won't lie, a day in bed & I'm bored stiff. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR WEEK. RECOMMEND STUFF.
Chloe x
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