#irishbbloggersSS Reveal

This year, the amazing Aisling from Total Make Up Addict organised a Secret Santa, between Irish beauty bloggers! I jumped at the chance - We all love getting presents, plus I loved trying to get as many nice products as possible, for €20. I think one thing all the posts today highlighted is the amount of fabulous beauty products that don't cost a fortune.

I received Nora from Too Many Muffins, and decided to pick up a few products in Germany that she hopefully hadn't tried before! She tweeted me today to let me know that her post was up - You can check it out here! And last Saturday (after a VERY long trip home!) I finally found out who had received me - It was Sarah, of Beauty with Brushes! I was so excited to open her present & I definitely wasn't disappointed - She picked out lovely gifts for me, & I can't wait to use them!

Even the wrapping paper excited me.. It's so Christmassy!


Just LOOK at how much stuff Sarah managed to pick up for €20! Beyond delighted.

First up, everything came in this deadly make up bag! I'm forever meaning to pick up bags/cases for when I'm travelling, for make up, jewelry, etc so it's perfect! I've also managed to 'lose' all my fluffy socks.. (Pretty sure they could be in my sister's drawers), so my feet are currently snug in these reindeer socks!

Who doesn't love a bit of Soap & Glory? I usually buy their big set in Boots at Christmas, but decided not to this year, because I'm only bringing hand luggage back with me, so can't bring much liquid. Sarah picked up 3 travel size products for me, so I'll be bringing Hand Food, Clean On Me shower gel & The Righteous Butter body lotion back with me!

I was thrilled to see the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - Their Expert Face brush is one of my favourite brushes for applying foundation, & I've heard rave reviews about it!

 Next was an NYC eyeshadow, in the shade 'Bazaar'. This is a nice warm brown, I'm thinking it could actually be ideal for filling in my eyebrows now that I've dyed them!

Sticking with eyeshadow, I also got the Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette. I'm obsessed with nude shadows, I'm one of those people who has the Naked palette & every spin off of it so I'm delighted to have a mini palette, perfect for popping in my bag!

Also from NYC was this Blushable Creme Stick, in Big Apple Blush. I only started using cream products last summer, so I'm delighted to add to my collection!

On top is the Absolute Nude palette, then the Blushable Creme Stick & NYC single shadow.


Moving onto nails, & Sarah chose this unreal polish from Catrice, I'm Dynamite. I'm a magpie & this beautiful blue-grey glitter makes me very happy.

More nail products - These imPRESS stick on nails are a lovely metallic pink. I've used these sticks ons before & gotten a few days out of them, so they'll make an appearance soon!

And finally, Sarah sent me lots of Ziaja samples. There's shower soap, body balm, body oil, day cream, leg gel, night cream, hand cream & moisturising cream - Like I said, sample sizes are my favourite things at the minute, so they're ideal!

I'm overwhelmed at how generous Sarah was, & how much I love the products. Secret Santas can always be a bit dodgy, but I know I'll use all these! I've been loving all the posts by the other bloggers too, so make sure to check out their posts, which can be found by searching #irishbbloggersSS on Twitter. A big, big thank you to Aisling - I loved the experience!

Happy Christmas,
Chloe x


17 Stay Time Foundation

I so rarely post about foundation that I can barely remember how to talk about it! Haha, when I was last at home, I picked up another bottle of Revlon Colourstay foundation, because I can't find it in Germany. But while running through Boots, I also saw that they had 3 for 2 on 17 make-up, & they had a new foundation. While I had never tried any make up by 17 before, I threw caution to the winds & picked it up after seeing how pale it was!

The packaging isn't great - Plastic, but it has a pump, & can 
be 'locked' to prevent any accidents in your make up bag!

Stay Time foundation is described as being a full coverage foundation that delivers a flawless smooth skin finish that lasts for 25 hours. Full coverage? Definitely true. My skin can be quite uneven in tone, & very red (Perks of being a natural ginger!) but this covered everything - I literally look like I don't know what a freckle is. While I prefer natural skin & only go for full coverage when I'm going out, or my skin is VERY blotchy, I want to know I can rely on it to cover all the bleurgh on my face!

No make up - Just foundation

Then again, that's zero use if it won't last. I can't say I leave foundation on for 25 hours, but it definitely takes its time fading. I happily go without primer, concealer & powder some days, and other than a bit of redness around my nose, it's all good! The finish is satin, so combined with the thickness of the product, it can clingy to dry patches a bit. My skin is combination - Dehydrated, with a bit of an oily T-Zone, & dry flakiness when I get spots. So other than the occasional dry patches, it worked well on my skin! I applied it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, & usually use a pump & a half.

The clincher - Just foundation applied to the left side of my face! 
It's crazy how different my skin looks.

And the big bonus - It was pale enough for me. Not only that, but I got the second palest shade, Soft Ivory. It's available in six shades, all of which are pretty pale so it won't suit everyone. The other bonus is the price. Usually budget foundations are orange & weird on me, but for €4.79, this ticks all my boxes. I mean, I thought my Revlon Colorstay was a bargain but this is ridiculously cheap! It contains the standard 30ml & has SPF 25. 17 is available in Boots & online.
I've also managed to convert my little sister & best friend to this foundation... I'm going to spread the love!

With full make up.

Have you tried any impressive budget foundations lately?

Chloe x


Christmas Tag

It's only a week until I get home for Christmas... A WEEK! So I am in a festive spirit, especially after visiting Christmas markets, etc. & I wanted to do this Christmas tag, from Sian's blog.

What's your favourite Christmas Movie?
Ooooh, I think it might be The Santa Clause. It's one of the films I remember watching & loving when I was younger & I still loving watching it! (And weirdly, I even like the sequel.) Honourable mentions go to Home Alone, The Grinch & The Holiday. 

Do you stay in your PJ's or get dressed on Christmas?
We always get new PJs from our parents on Christmas Eve, which we bear to bed that night & while opening presents. But because we get up & go to mass, etc, I get dressed after breakfast & stay dressed for the day! Though the second I'm home I take off my heels or whatever, open my belt/zips/buttons & let comfort win.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
We open our parents' present on Christmas Eve, to get our jammies. Everything else is Christmas Day! One year, we were only allowed open one present a day, til we got bored when my mum was on the phone a few days later & just ripped into them.

Favourite Christmas smell?
Mmm this year I'm really looking forward to the smell of the fire! Haha & we always have candles burning when it's cold - I have two Yankee Candles in my bedroom at home, from Christmas last year so I'll have them lit in my room when I'm relaxing!

Mom.. this would be super pretty around the fireplace... very different from anything you've done before! - Yeah I do like this idea.  I would just have to find/make the garland wreath to do it with.  Also It would cover the shelves below so I wouldn't have to decorate those separately.

What is your favourite Christmas Song?
Fairytale of New York, without a doubt. Last year, in a Spoken German class, there were only three of us in, & the tutor decided because it was a famour Irish song, we had to sing it for her. I make a good Kirsty MacColl.. Especially when translating it to German. On the upside, I learned a few handy phrases. Like "She changes her boyfriends more than her underwear". 

What is your Favourite Christmas Drink?
Mmm hot chocolate! Last year, I lived on hot chocolate from Costa, Insomnia & Starbucks. (All three of them are within spitting distance from my college, it would be a shame not to.) So far this winter, I've just been draining my supply of Lyon's tea.. The second I land, I'm headed for some real hot chocolate, with marshmallows & whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate

Favourite Christmas Meal?
Christmas dinner! I used to be a seriously fussy eater, & my dinner consisted of mashed spuds, turkey & ham. I have expanded my horizons (& gotten chubbier) & now have mashed pottoes, croquettes, ham, turkey, stuffing, carrots, parsnips, & sure I might even have some gravy. I draw the line at sprouts though. Followed by a choice of Mint Viennetta or Romantica.. I'm still too fussy for Christmas cake & pudding. 

Wrapping Presents-Love or Loathe?
LOVE! I'm actually raging that I can't start wrapping presents yet, coz they might get squashed in my suitcase. So the weekend I get home, I'm going to have Christmas tunes blaring while I get to work. I'm one of those freaks who goes in with the wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tags & glitter. 

Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?
Everyone being together. I didn't appreciate it as much every other year, because I saw my family constantly anyway - Even though I'd moved out, I was home every weekend. Now that it's been what feels like forever since I saw them, I don't care what we do at Christmas, I just want to spend time with everyone I love.

Christmas Tree Real or Fake? 
We've always had a fake one.. I don't think I know anyone with a real one! I actually think fake ones look nicer (hello bushy trees), but we have to have one because my mum is allergic to real ones. Or else she's the Grinch in disguise, not sure. 

Handmade Cards or Shop Bought ones? 
Shop bought.. I don't have the patience for making them. & yes,by shop bought, I mean 3 for €2 in the pound shop. Every little helps at Christmas! I do write really nice messages in them though.

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
Christmas Eve used to be my dad panicking about presents & going to town last minute, I'd go & convince him to buy me sweets & a magazine. Then I started singing in the cathedral, so Christmas Eve I'd be in there for Midnight Mass. Since my dad now has me to organise him, it's usually spent just hanging about with my sisters, or helping my mum. This year, my boyfriend will only be home that day, so I'll probably visit him, but get home in time to open my PJs & go to bed!

Snow, Love it or Hate it?
Undecided - I like it at first, when it's nice & white & you can make snowballs & play. Then it turns to slush & you start slipping, or can't go anywhere, so it's less fun! Plus, apparently when it snows in Germany, it ends up at your thighs so I think I'm going to hate it this year...

Let me know if you do this tag! Eeeeek excited!
Chloe x


P2 Matte Deluxe Lipstick in 050 I Adore You

To follow on from the dark nail polish I've adopted for winter, here's a dark lipstick. I've found a few budget brands over here with decent products, & this is one of my favourites! P2 is a German budget brand, aimed at teenagers & is seriously affordable. I haven't tried much yet, but I will!

I was out one night & admiring my friend's lipstick from afar. A few vodkas later, I asked her what it was, convinced she'd say it was MAC Rebel. But nope, she pulled the small silver tube out of her bag & told me it was a lipstick she'd picked up that day for about €2. The next day, I wasn't too hungover not to go sprinting into town to find it.

It looks unbelievably scary in the tube.. But it's more nicer than first impression.

 The Matte Deluxe Lipstick comes in 6 shades, one of which is I Adore You - A deep purple-pink shade. I always think it can be hard to find a decent matte lipstick, especially on a budget. So many of them just dry out your lips & settle into every line that you need ten different lip balms before applying them, which ruins the matte effect. But I Adore You is matte, without being drying. It does tend to apply a little bit unevenly though, so you have to pay attention on application.

I don't actually own MAC Rebel, but I imagine this to be close to it. On the night in question, my friend told me the lipstick I was wearing was identical (Kate Moss 107), but I Adore You is much more pink toned! It is quite similar in finish to the Rimmel Matte lipsticks though, & like 107, it is perfect for cold winter days.

I Adore You cost €2.95 in DM, a German pharmacy. 

Also - Does it bother you seeing things that aren't available in Ireland? If I do a give-away of German products, would this interest you?

Chloe x


Essie Dive Bar - Winter Nails

Normally, I love neon nail polishes. But after finding that Essie nail polishes were €2 cheaper here, I decided to pick up a shade outside my comfort zone. Since it's cold (hello below freezing temperatures), I thought a dark, traditional winter colour would be good.. So I saw Dive Bar at the top of the stand & picked it up.

I like the packaging too - Squared bottles makes them easier to store.. Just saying.

Dive Bar is a deep, shimmery green, that flashes navy under different lights. It reminds me of a marble fireplace... Is that weird? Anyway, we used to have a dark green marble fireplace, with black flecks, & this reminds me of it. It's absolutely gorgeous - I'm a sucker for colours that change in different light. If you have After School Boy Blazer (which I picked up after realising how much I like dark polishes), it's like a teal version of that.

I found it hard to truly get the colour on camera, but the contrast between the index finger & darker little finger indicate how it changes, a little bit at least.

I really do think Essie polishes are worth the price - I find them to last well, which is important for me because my nails are in absolute bits. While they look pretty & chip-free, I'll admire them & look after them. The second a chip appears, I start picking away at my nails, until they're damaged again. Boo. But this lasted almost a week, with only a bit of tip-wear, minus any top coat.

Essie polishes are €9.99 (€7.99 for me!) & are available in Boots & Sam McCauleys. I've picked up a couple & am consistently impressed with the quality, so they may cost a bit more but I love the colours & am willing to fork out extra if it helps my nails in the long run!

What Essie colours would you recommend? 

Chloe x


5 Things #9

5 Songs
The Original Rudeboys - Never Gonna Walk Away

The Vamps - Can We Dance

Zedd ft Hayley Williams - Stay The Night

Birdy - Wings

Jake Bugg - Broken

5 To Look At

1. A few weeks ago, I replied to a tweet by Kirstie on morning routines, & the result was this piece on how long it takes 6 women to get ready in the morning!

2. A variety of Irish artists have collaborated on Simple Things, an album made as the soundtrack to the battle to break the cycle of suicide in Ireland - A tenner well spent. 

3. I've watched What Richard Did a few times, but Jack Reynor's performance still gets me! It's such a brilliant, moving Irish film.

4. After hearing that McFly & Busted were uniting for a tour, I was excited. After seeing their first live performance, I'm even more excited!

5. Just in case anyone is going through the same "I want lots of food ideas" phase as I am, this website is pretty handy!

5 That Made Me Smile
  1. Never mind smile, this Twitter convo made me sit on my bed & full on laugh. Some serious work there by those social media accounts!
  2. After letting my skin fall to pieces over here, & reading review after review on Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, I finally took the plunge & I now enjoy cleansing.. Morning & night.
  3. One night last week after a few drinks, I started dreaming of a Chinese & came close to tears thinking about one. Coincidentally, one of my friends asked the next day if I wanted to get a Chinese. Yes, yes I did. It was fabulous.
  4. I'm going to Frankfurt for the weekend, seeing my boyfriend & his friends.. Who are bringing stuff from home for me. Seriously looking forward to it!
  5. My blog views have gone up quite a bit the last two weeks, which makes me smile! I'd love to increase my GFC followers to 200, & increase my Facebook page likes a bit - It really motivates me!

How was your week?
Chloe x


Life On Erasmus #2: Things I Miss

So, I've now been here for 8 weeks. Time for the novelty to wear off & panic to hit. Mainly panic about what food is most like Irish stuff, & how to adapt. Last week I read loads about what people most miss about Ireland when abroad.. & here's my version.

A decent chicken & mayo roll. I used to grab one of these from Centra beside where I worked, almost daily. I almost went through withdrawal on my days off. This is a Wexford thing - During college, I tried a few different shops around Dublin & the chicken always tasted like plastic. I'm dying to get back to work, for my lunchtime roll.

I miss work. I complained occasionally but I loved my job. I've been emailing my boss regularly, with the result that I will be working full-time over Christmas. Okay, that's obviously taking up time from my family, but the money will be appreciated & it means cabin fever won't set in.

Mashed spuds & stew. Look, I can cook, but I don't make spuds just for myself, & I definitely can't make stew. Also, decent soup. I want a nice big bowl of farmhouse vegetable soup with some nice brown bread!

Penneys & Tesco. There are loads of shops I miss, but these are the main ones. It's just so easy to run into Penneys & pick up cheap basics, or a nice warm pair of PJs, instead of the €20 that seems to be common here. And I spent a lot of time in Tesco in the morning, before work, or afterwards. There's similar shops here but.. They're not the same.

A real fire. This is something I miss when I'm in college too, but at least then I'd have a fire at the weekend. While my room is always nice & toasty from my heating, nothing beats sitting in front of the fire when it's cold & wet!

Obviously there are lots more things I miss.. Friends & family go without saying, & while everyone else talks constantly about Cadburys, tea, etc... I actually brought a stock pile of Irish chocolate & many, many Lyon's teabags over here. & I haven't finished them up yet. I knew my priorities!

What're your favourite things about home?
Chloe x


Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara

One of the best things about a new country? New make up to try out... Especially new mascaras. Maybelline make some of my favourite mascaras so I was unbelievably excited to find a new one here! Big Eyes is a dual ended mascara, with one end (the purple) being for top lashes, & the other (black) being for bottom lashes. Definitely an idea I can get on board with! Most mascaras aren't really suitable for bottom lashes, & I left my Clinique Bottom Lash mascara at home. So I picked this up mainly for my lower lashes but with high hopes for the other mascara too!

The packaging is very slim for a Maybelline mascara. As you can see, it's half purple & half black, so you know which end is for which lashes. Not much more to say really! The brushes are attached onto the main part of the tube, & the removable sides of the mascara are the tubes of the formula. (Hopefully that makes sense!)

Left - Top lashes brush. Right - Bottom lashes brush.

The brushes are quite different. The one for top lashes is a bit bigger, & the bristles catch on to A LOT of mascara. Honestly? Not a fan. It does offer a bit of volume, but nowhere near as much as my other mascaras, & length isn't improved majorly. I also feel like it clumps my lashes together just a bit too much. It's not awful, I just much prefer my lashes to be more dramatic! But all is not lost - The brush for the bottom lashes is much smaller & neater, & the bristles are quite small & only dispense a bit of mascara onto your lashes. The wand is also longer, so it's perfect for getting under your eyes without smudges!

But..While I'm definitely going to continue using this on my bottom eyelashes, & won't hesitate also using the mascara for the top lashes in an emergency, I can't wait to get my Clinique back, and wouldn't bother repurchasing whatsoever. I hate writing negative reviews, but while I loved the concept, it just didn't deliver. That said, it's handy to throw in a bag, & if the thought of spending €16 on a mascara for just bottom lashes makes you feel sick, it is a decent alternative - This costs €10.99. While I don't believe it is yet available in Ireland, you might see it on your travels, if it's something you'd like to try.

Have you come across dual ended mascaras? What do you use on your bottom lashes?
Chloe x


November Wishlist

1. 2
3. 4
5. 6

A new month, a new set of things to love. You know, the things I haven't self gifted.

  1. Last year, I bought a Benefit kit of minis & I'm still working my way through them. I lost my High Beam & am dying to try Watt's Up so it seems like a decent way to pick them up.
  2. I actually love that cardigan, with that shirt, & those shorts. But I'd settle for just the cardigan, it is nearly identical to one I wanted last Christmas. Should have bought it then..
  3. I used to have a pair of Vans & LIVED in them, til about 6 years later, one got a hole. They're just so nice & comfortable & practical. 
  4. I just saw this on Beaut.ie - Spend €35 on Lancome, & a beauty set worth over €200 is yours for just €55. I love Lancome. I love sets. I love bargains.
  5. I bought Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia over the summer. I loved it. I lost it. I need to be reunited. 
  6. Did I mention how bloody cold I am constantly? I'm actually turning into a mole, wearing nothing but oversized cardigans & jumpers. It means I can eat all the Crispy M&Ms I want.


5 Things #8

5 Songs
One Direction - Story of My Life
78Violet - HotHouse
Emilé Sande - Lifted
Ellie Goulding - I Know You Care

5 To Look At
  1. I absolutely love CherrySue & especially because I discover hilarious videos like this! Lip sync battle? I'm there.
  2. I keep meaning to cook better food, & then forgetting, so I'm making this Pinterest board my new point of reference.
  3. I could get lost for ages looking at threads on life hacks. I love these beauty tips!
  4. I've never seen Friday Night Lights, but after seeing this Emmy highlight reel, it's going to be my next series.
  5. Not going to lie, I want all the Christmas sets. These Lancome ones, a few Benefit gift sets, & the Estee Lauder one would all be lovely.

5 Things That Made Me Smile
  1. A cheeky Asos order means I now have a new bag, some disco pants, a shirt & shoes. Whoop!
  2. I've booked a little trip to Milan with the boyfriend, where we're going to see Kodaline... Major whoop!
  3. I'm typing this post while waiting on Nutella pancakes. I LOVE pancakes & Nutella only makes it better!
  4. I got an email from Emma to say that I'd won a L'Occitane give-away - Cannot wait to get it when I'm home!
  5. My boyfriend is up for the weekend, after a month of not seeing one another. Hence the Nutella pancakes! 

Let me know if anything happened for you this week, or if you have any music recommendations!

Chloe x


Rimmel London: Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Lipstick in 107

Gonna put my hands right up & say that for the past year, I've been referring to this as "that dark red Kate Moss lipstick" & just had to Google the real name. Which is a bit of a mouthful. That said, it's quite possible my Favourite Red Lipstick. Not that I wear red lipstick a lot, which makes the fact that I like one quite special.

I know, the world & his granny have probably picked up one of Kate's lipsticks by now, & quite possibly 90% of those grannies got 107 because everybody seems to love it. But just in case, I thought I'd list the reasons it's so fabulous.

The packaging is sturdy, & despite just throwing it in the bottom of my bag, the lid has never come off. I like the red casing, though it does annoy me slightly that the lipstick can't be stored upside down, so if you have a few of the matte lipsticks, you have to turn them all upside down to find the one that you want... I know, first world problems.

That aside, I hadn't really been looking for this shade until November 1st. It's a total winter colour, not just because I'm far too cold to get out of bed in the morning so it's easier to throw on some lipstick instead of trying to focus on my liquid liner & smokey eye. The deep red is literally just a winner - I haven't yet seen someone that it hadn't suited. (Maybe they're out there.) Even though I'm not a red lip person, I don't mind a deep red like this... It's less attention grabbing, I think, but still makes a statement.

The middle photo is frightful, but the only natural light photo I had - Oops!

I thought there would be problems with the matte finish, but it hasn't dried my lips out in the slightest, & doesn't highlight dry patches any more than any lipstick does. Naturally, the one complaint I have is that it does feather slightly.. So yesterday, I invested in a red lipliner. Problem solved. Even without the liner though, this has serious staying power. I put it on yesterday before going to college & after a morning of talking, drinking & biting my lips, then coming home & having curry & a Kinder Bueno (a free Kinder Bueno! Yum), there was still an impressive colour left.

Is it obvious that I love this lipstick? Literally, I apply it from the bullet, blot it, re-apply, & I'm good to go. I live in fear that it will be discontinued & I'll be comparing every deep red to this. I may stock up. Kate Moss lipsticks are €6.99, but you can usually get them on 3 for 2 in Boots, etc, so even if you don't like this shade, you should still try another colour - 101 is my favourite nude-pink.

Do you own this? What's one of your 'winter' beauty items?

Chloe x


Stila After Glow Lip Colour in Festive Fuschia

It's not usual that I get a product, put it on & instantly want to review it. But there's a first for everything. Thursday night, I arrived home to my prize from Sarah of Rara Giggles' give away - A Stila After glow Lip Colour!

Two things I want from lip products are a decent colour, and good wear time. Everything else tends to be a bonus. So, the nice sleek packaging - All good. I like lip products in a crayon form, because I think the bullet wears down evenly (Is this a thing? Some of my lipsticks seem to end up being really pointy!) & It's pretty handy just to throw in your bag. The black with pink writing is different to the norm, so I approve! It twists up too, which I prefer to a sharpener.

But, no good having a pretty product if you don't like it. first up - I adore the colour. Pinks are my thing. Particularly a well-pigmented deep or bright pink. And this delivers! Sarah couldn't have sent me a more perfect colour. Even though it is quite bright, I have no problem wearing even neon pinks during the day, so this is definitely going to become my go-to lip product! Plus - the niche of these is that under UV lights,they GLOW IN THE DARK. I have not yet tested this out but I most definitely will. For the craic.

Other than the colour, it definitely lasts well. It is glossy, but (like most lip crayons) stains the lips. However, I've found that the glossiness & top layer of product actually hang around for quite a long time! Obviously eating/ drinking reduces the shine, but you don't have to worry about it disappearing quickly. Because it's glossy, it's also fairly moisturising & won't highlight any small lip problems.

Have I sold it? I actually may possibly be in love. For around €16 on Asos, I am most definitely willing to pay the price for one of the nicest colours I've seen in lip crayons.

What's your favourite lip crayon?
Chloe x


5 Things #7

5 Songs

James Arthur - Wrecking Ball
Kodaline - Brand New Day
Paramore - Still Into You
Lorde - Royals
Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

5 To Look At

  1. I like food. How amazing do Rolo cookies sound?
  2. I love my make up brushes & love showing my sisters how to use them - Thinking of picking up this set for a Christmas present after reading Emma's review!
  3. I love the look of this cardigan & it's reduced! Very, very tempting.
  4. If you're looking for a decent (Irish) film, this is a great starting point!
  5. Feeling down? The 30 Happiest Facts Of All Time are bound to cheer you up!

5 Reasons I Smiled

  1. I'M HOME! I had a wee accident & came home for a fix, but either way, a weekend in Ireland!
  2. I managed to fit in a little bit of shopping while I was here. New trousers & make up!
  3. I started college this week properly & okay, it's hard, but I'm hopeful!
  4. I came home to a Stila After Glow Lip Colour courtesy of Sarah  & La Roche Posay Cicaplast Hands from Lovely Girlie Bits!
  5. I love my family. :)

Do you have any songs/ reasons to smile?
Let me know!
Chloe x


Wishlist - Skincare, Body & Make Up - Irish Edition

So anyone who has flown Ryanair will know how hard it is to squeeze all your stuff into a suitcase.. Especially when you can't bring too much in your hand luggage either. Therefore, being very clever, I decided I'd just replace most of my beauty products over here. BIG MISTAKE. I underestimated the cost of moving & currently cannot justify loads of money on cleanser, or a hair mask. (Give me another 2 weeks!) I also underestimated the availability of certain things. No joke, every exfoliator I have picked up seems way too gentle. Plus.. I have to admit, I don't even know what half this stuff is. There is a chance that the make up remover I've been using is actually mouthwash. (That's a joke. Mouthwash has a picture of teeth on it.)

So, I decided to put together some of the products I REALLY miss & will hopefully order online, or buy over here when money comes through! Because my skin is in bits. I've had a massive chin/ jaw break out, which goes from big spots to flakiness. Even my body is covered in hives & a rash!

For something that I got as a sample, I really started to love this moisturiser. Even though my skin is combination, it is mostly dry & quite dehydrated, but I don't recall any flakiness or tightness when using this!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff, £4.50 for two, Feelunique
I still have not found a proper exfoliator here, and a good scrub with gloves or a shower puff just does not give the same result as this pink wonder. Also missing Cocoa Brown Tan like crazy, but Marissa Carter just announced it will soon be available in Germany!

Loreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil, €10.79, Boots
I really like oily cleansers. I've been using a cleansing water here & I feel like my face is stripped (though pores look smaller.) I can't say I feel any particular affiliation with this cleansing oil but I was using it at home & I like wiping it off with a hot facecloth! Any cleanser recommendations welcome though.

As I said, my skin feels stripped & dehydrated. While I'm horsing water into me, sometimes you just need a quick fix which will plump up your face stat.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light, €26.50.
Long story short, I bought this powder, loved it, lost it, thought it HAD to turn up so just bought a replacement cheaper one. It has not turned up & I feel cakey with the replacement. While I have been going powder-less quite a bit, I miss it.

REN Gkycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, €35, Cloud10 Beauty
I really, really need masks right now, okay? I had a sample of this & loved how it brightened my face & helped get rid of old acne spots & marks - My face could do with a bright of radiance & replenishing!

This is my go-to foundation in winter. I haven't used it in months because it is so heavy coverage & also very pale, but my current foundation don't seem to last as long as I need (As in, college til 8PM. Longlasting is my aim.) I haven't seen Revlon here so will need to get some, soon!

St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub, €5.69, Boots
While I love chemical exfoliants, I also like giving my face a nice scrub once a week to make me feel like I'm getting rid of the dirt & dead skin. I haven't found a better exfoliator than this - It is quite gritty, but I like that!

So there we have it. basically, the products I took for granted til I couldn't get them. However if anyone has any alternative suggestions - Feel free to leave a comment!

Chloe x

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