5 Things #8

5 Songs
One Direction - Story of My Life
78Violet - HotHouse
Emilé Sande - Lifted
Ellie Goulding - I Know You Care

5 To Look At
  1. I absolutely love CherrySue & especially because I discover hilarious videos like this! Lip sync battle? I'm there.
  2. I keep meaning to cook better food, & then forgetting, so I'm making this Pinterest board my new point of reference.
  3. I could get lost for ages looking at threads on life hacks. I love these beauty tips!
  4. I've never seen Friday Night Lights, but after seeing this Emmy highlight reel, it's going to be my next series.
  5. Not going to lie, I want all the Christmas sets. These Lancome ones, a few Benefit gift sets, & the Estee Lauder one would all be lovely.

5 Things That Made Me Smile
  1. A cheeky Asos order means I now have a new bag, some disco pants, a shirt & shoes. Whoop!
  2. I've booked a little trip to Milan with the boyfriend, where we're going to see Kodaline... Major whoop!
  3. I'm typing this post while waiting on Nutella pancakes. I LOVE pancakes & Nutella only makes it better!
  4. I got an email from Emma to say that I'd won a L'Occitane give-away - Cannot wait to get it when I'm home!
  5. My boyfriend is up for the weekend, after a month of not seeing one another. Hence the Nutella pancakes! 

Let me know if anything happened for you this week, or if you have any music recommendations!

Chloe x


  1. Now craving nutella pancakes!! I also want all the christmas sets!

    1. They're the best! Agh it's so hard to choose one!


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