November Wishlist

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A new month, a new set of things to love. You know, the things I haven't self gifted.

  1. Last year, I bought a Benefit kit of minis & I'm still working my way through them. I lost my High Beam & am dying to try Watt's Up so it seems like a decent way to pick them up.
  2. I actually love that cardigan, with that shirt, & those shorts. But I'd settle for just the cardigan, it is nearly identical to one I wanted last Christmas. Should have bought it then..
  3. I used to have a pair of Vans & LIVED in them, til about 6 years later, one got a hole. They're just so nice & comfortable & practical. 
  4. I just saw this on Beaut.ie - Spend €35 on Lancome, & a beauty set worth over €200 is yours for just €55. I love Lancome. I love sets. I love bargains.
  5. I bought Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia over the summer. I loved it. I lost it. I need to be reunited. 
  6. Did I mention how bloody cold I am constantly? I'm actually turning into a mole, wearing nothing but oversized cardigans & jumpers. It means I can eat all the Crispy M&Ms I want.


  1. I love the cardigans! And speaking of M&Ms, I recently went to M&Ms and stocked up, so I've been eating loads recently. Yum, but will need to cover up under those cardis! x

    1. Now I'm craving a few M&Ms again! Boo! At least I have a lot of knits to cover my tummy! x

  2. Oooh that Lancome set looks like great value! Must keep that in mind when doing Xmas shopping! The benefit set looks lovely too. Great post, love your wishlist items, all great choices! :)

    God I love a bit of tartan - gotta love punk inspiration! :)

    Great post - penneys are great for getting some plaid in now and again, they're always bang on trend as usual!


    1. The Christmas sets are always brilliant! Going to a Primark soon, so hopefully will pick some up! x

  3. I got the Lancome set but am trying really hard not to open it to use for myself! It's seriously lovely! Love the look of that benefit set too. x

    1. The Lancome is such good value... But OF COURSE you should use it yourself! Haha x

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    1. I know, I just want to cuddle up in lots of clothes!


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