Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara

One of the best things about a new country? New make up to try out... Especially new mascaras. Maybelline make some of my favourite mascaras so I was unbelievably excited to find a new one here! Big Eyes is a dual ended mascara, with one end (the purple) being for top lashes, & the other (black) being for bottom lashes. Definitely an idea I can get on board with! Most mascaras aren't really suitable for bottom lashes, & I left my Clinique Bottom Lash mascara at home. So I picked this up mainly for my lower lashes but with high hopes for the other mascara too!

The packaging is very slim for a Maybelline mascara. As you can see, it's half purple & half black, so you know which end is for which lashes. Not much more to say really! The brushes are attached onto the main part of the tube, & the removable sides of the mascara are the tubes of the formula. (Hopefully that makes sense!)

Left - Top lashes brush. Right - Bottom lashes brush.

The brushes are quite different. The one for top lashes is a bit bigger, & the bristles catch on to A LOT of mascara. Honestly? Not a fan. It does offer a bit of volume, but nowhere near as much as my other mascaras, & length isn't improved majorly. I also feel like it clumps my lashes together just a bit too much. It's not awful, I just much prefer my lashes to be more dramatic! But all is not lost - The brush for the bottom lashes is much smaller & neater, & the bristles are quite small & only dispense a bit of mascara onto your lashes. The wand is also longer, so it's perfect for getting under your eyes without smudges!

But..While I'm definitely going to continue using this on my bottom eyelashes, & won't hesitate also using the mascara for the top lashes in an emergency, I can't wait to get my Clinique back, and wouldn't bother repurchasing whatsoever. I hate writing negative reviews, but while I loved the concept, it just didn't deliver. That said, it's handy to throw in a bag, & if the thought of spending €16 on a mascara for just bottom lashes makes you feel sick, it is a decent alternative - This costs €10.99. While I don't believe it is yet available in Ireland, you might see it on your travels, if it's something you'd like to try.

Have you come across dual ended mascaras? What do you use on your bottom lashes?
Chloe x


  1. I haven't used a dual ended mascara but I put Covergirl lashblast waterproof on my bottom lashes. Yours are so long!

    atelier zozo

    1. Haha I'd rather the length in my top lashes! Would love to try Lashblast though:)


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