P2 Matte Deluxe Lipstick in 050 I Adore You

To follow on from the dark nail polish I've adopted for winter, here's a dark lipstick. I've found a few budget brands over here with decent products, & this is one of my favourites! P2 is a German budget brand, aimed at teenagers & is seriously affordable. I haven't tried much yet, but I will!

I was out one night & admiring my friend's lipstick from afar. A few vodkas later, I asked her what it was, convinced she'd say it was MAC Rebel. But nope, she pulled the small silver tube out of her bag & told me it was a lipstick she'd picked up that day for about €2. The next day, I wasn't too hungover not to go sprinting into town to find it.

It looks unbelievably scary in the tube.. But it's more nicer than first impression.

 The Matte Deluxe Lipstick comes in 6 shades, one of which is I Adore You - A deep purple-pink shade. I always think it can be hard to find a decent matte lipstick, especially on a budget. So many of them just dry out your lips & settle into every line that you need ten different lip balms before applying them, which ruins the matte effect. But I Adore You is matte, without being drying. It does tend to apply a little bit unevenly though, so you have to pay attention on application.

I don't actually own MAC Rebel, but I imagine this to be close to it. On the night in question, my friend told me the lipstick I was wearing was identical (Kate Moss 107), but I Adore You is much more pink toned! It is quite similar in finish to the Rimmel Matte lipsticks though, & like 107, it is perfect for cold winter days.

I Adore You cost €2.95 in DM, a German pharmacy. 

Also - Does it bother you seeing things that aren't available in Ireland? If I do a give-away of German products, would this interest you?

Chloe x


  1. this colour looks gorgeous on and really suits you! xx

    1. Thanks Zoe, it's a bit different to anything else I have! xx


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