Essie Dive Bar - Winter Nails

Normally, I love neon nail polishes. But after finding that Essie nail polishes were €2 cheaper here, I decided to pick up a shade outside my comfort zone. Since it's cold (hello below freezing temperatures), I thought a dark, traditional winter colour would be good.. So I saw Dive Bar at the top of the stand & picked it up.

I like the packaging too - Squared bottles makes them easier to store.. Just saying.

Dive Bar is a deep, shimmery green, that flashes navy under different lights. It reminds me of a marble fireplace... Is that weird? Anyway, we used to have a dark green marble fireplace, with black flecks, & this reminds me of it. It's absolutely gorgeous - I'm a sucker for colours that change in different light. If you have After School Boy Blazer (which I picked up after realising how much I like dark polishes), it's like a teal version of that.

I found it hard to truly get the colour on camera, but the contrast between the index finger & darker little finger indicate how it changes, a little bit at least.

I really do think Essie polishes are worth the price - I find them to last well, which is important for me because my nails are in absolute bits. While they look pretty & chip-free, I'll admire them & look after them. The second a chip appears, I start picking away at my nails, until they're damaged again. Boo. But this lasted almost a week, with only a bit of tip-wear, minus any top coat.

Essie polishes are €9.99 (€7.99 for me!) & are available in Boots & Sam McCauleys. I've picked up a couple & am consistently impressed with the quality, so they may cost a bit more but I love the colours & am willing to fork out extra if it helps my nails in the long run!

What Essie colours would you recommend? 

Chloe x

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