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I so rarely post about foundation that I can barely remember how to talk about it! Haha, when I was last at home, I picked up another bottle of Revlon Colourstay foundation, because I can't find it in Germany. But while running through Boots, I also saw that they had 3 for 2 on 17 make-up, & they had a new foundation. While I had never tried any make up by 17 before, I threw caution to the winds & picked it up after seeing how pale it was!

The packaging isn't great - Plastic, but it has a pump, & can 
be 'locked' to prevent any accidents in your make up bag!

Stay Time foundation is described as being a full coverage foundation that delivers a flawless smooth skin finish that lasts for 25 hours. Full coverage? Definitely true. My skin can be quite uneven in tone, & very red (Perks of being a natural ginger!) but this covered everything - I literally look like I don't know what a freckle is. While I prefer natural skin & only go for full coverage when I'm going out, or my skin is VERY blotchy, I want to know I can rely on it to cover all the bleurgh on my face!

No make up - Just foundation

Then again, that's zero use if it won't last. I can't say I leave foundation on for 25 hours, but it definitely takes its time fading. I happily go without primer, concealer & powder some days, and other than a bit of redness around my nose, it's all good! The finish is satin, so combined with the thickness of the product, it can clingy to dry patches a bit. My skin is combination - Dehydrated, with a bit of an oily T-Zone, & dry flakiness when I get spots. So other than the occasional dry patches, it worked well on my skin! I applied it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, & usually use a pump & a half.

The clincher - Just foundation applied to the left side of my face! 
It's crazy how different my skin looks.

And the big bonus - It was pale enough for me. Not only that, but I got the second palest shade, Soft Ivory. It's available in six shades, all of which are pretty pale so it won't suit everyone. The other bonus is the price. Usually budget foundations are orange & weird on me, but for €4.79, this ticks all my boxes. I mean, I thought my Revlon Colorstay was a bargain but this is ridiculously cheap! It contains the standard 30ml & has SPF 25. 17 is available in Boots & online.
I've also managed to convert my little sister & best friend to this foundation... I'm going to spread the love!

With full make up.

Have you tried any impressive budget foundations lately?

Chloe x


  1. Wow! I really need to try some this foundation! xx


  2. Oooh I might pick this up, my skin isn't great at the moment and I've been thinking I need to get a full coverage foundation, but didn't want to have to splash the cash!


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