Stila After Glow Lip Colour in Festive Fuschia

It's not usual that I get a product, put it on & instantly want to review it. But there's a first for everything. Thursday night, I arrived home to my prize from Sarah of Rara Giggles' give away - A Stila After glow Lip Colour!

Two things I want from lip products are a decent colour, and good wear time. Everything else tends to be a bonus. So, the nice sleek packaging - All good. I like lip products in a crayon form, because I think the bullet wears down evenly (Is this a thing? Some of my lipsticks seem to end up being really pointy!) & It's pretty handy just to throw in your bag. The black with pink writing is different to the norm, so I approve! It twists up too, which I prefer to a sharpener.

But, no good having a pretty product if you don't like it. first up - I adore the colour. Pinks are my thing. Particularly a well-pigmented deep or bright pink. And this delivers! Sarah couldn't have sent me a more perfect colour. Even though it is quite bright, I have no problem wearing even neon pinks during the day, so this is definitely going to become my go-to lip product! Plus - the niche of these is that under UV lights,they GLOW IN THE DARK. I have not yet tested this out but I most definitely will. For the craic.

Other than the colour, it definitely lasts well. It is glossy, but (like most lip crayons) stains the lips. However, I've found that the glossiness & top layer of product actually hang around for quite a long time! Obviously eating/ drinking reduces the shine, but you don't have to worry about it disappearing quickly. Because it's glossy, it's also fairly moisturising & won't highlight any small lip problems.

Have I sold it? I actually may possibly be in love. For around €16 on Asos, I am most definitely willing to pay the price for one of the nicest colours I've seen in lip crayons.

What's your favourite lip crayon?
Chloe x


  1. That shade really suits you :)

  2. Wow this colour is amazing on you!!

  3. That colour is fantastic! I love pinks too.

    1. It really is, can't wait to test the neon bit!

  4. I get pointy lipsticks too! That looks gorgeous on you :) I've only recently discovered the Revlon Just Bitten Kissables but this looks great too!


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