Well girls, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! And of course, best wishes for the new year. I was quite awful in the last few months and completely neglected my poor blog - But hopefully this will be the start of my blogging comeback. What better way to start than by a little post on my resolutions? 

1. Keep up blogging.
I love writing posts and reading a variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs. I've always taken quite a casual approach to my blog, but after losing a few cameras/ camera chargers/ and having a broken laptop for most of the summer, I lost my rhythm and couldn't seem to finish or publish any posts. This will be rectified!

2. Be healthier.
This encompasses a wide range of things - Like most people, I'd like to keep my weight and figure at a reasonable level. But, I want to do it safely, for the long term. I know the 'ideal weight' for my height, and while I don't weigh myself regularly, I know that I hover around the one figure which I'd prefer to be lower. But in general, I'd like to tone my stomach up to its old level. This means taking advantage of the free college gym and cutting down on junk but NOT getting obsessed.

3. Sort my life out.
Basically, I am not fully satisfied with college or things in general. I don't really know what to do in the future, and have spent my holidays thinking about work and college. Quite frankly, I would rather work full-time than sit in college, but I feel as if a degree will be worth it, particularly after staying this long. This year will see me moving to Germany for a year, so hopfully some motivation hits me and I figure out exactly what I want, even for the short term. 

So, they are my major plans for 2013. I have a few smaller goals, which I might pop up in a later post - I'm hoping to include them in a '21 before 21' series!

I hope everyone has a fabulous NYE/Day and may it be the start of lots of good thing to come!

Chloe x

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