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So, posting last month took a bit of a nose dive. But I'm making it up by talking about a gorgeous nail polish, which I think counts for something. Last year, Anita of The Beauty Spot entered the indie nail polish world, with the creation of Precious Polish. It was a brand I kept meaning to try, especially because I saw so many positive reviews, but I forgot, and then I was in Germany. So when I came home, getting a nail polish was on my list!

After seeing Anita's Bloggers Collection, I decided I wanted a polish that was unique to me. I asked for a base of Blowing Raspberries (a pink), with orange glitter. Pink & orange are two of my favourite nail colours, & orange glitters aren't common, so I thought it was worth a try! A base colour with one glitter costs €8, which is more than reasonable.

The bottles are nice & sturdy.. I sent mine flying 
across a room (accident) & it was safe!

I'm not sure of exact delivery time, because I wasn't at home, but they did arrive within a week, and delivery is included in the cost. They arrived well packaged (I ordered another two polishes for friends) and I couldn't wait to try out my polish! The first coat was very sheer & I did worry slightly that I'd end up needing loads of coats & it'd just be thick & gloopy because of the glitter, but another coat gave me perfect colour. (It did still photograph a bit sheer though, so a third coat for some colours might be necessary).

Just to note - I was left with a rough nail, but a top coat should sort it, 
I know a lot of people prefer smooth nails!

I know the combination won't be too everyone's taste, but I really like it! The glitter is a golden-orange more than a brought orange, which worked well with the rich pink. Together, I think they're actually a bit Barbie-ish? (Which is not a problem for me!) It lasted really well, with only tip wear for five days, then I started picking at it in work, My photos were actually taken on the third day because the sun came out, so you can see it still looked pretty fresh!

As I said above, I ordered another two polishes, because two of my friends had 21sts coming up, but I forgot to give them their custom polishes... Smart. Hopefully I'll remember soon & I can get a photo of their polishes to show you! Getting a polish made for someone is a really nice idea - Mother's Day present maybe?

What do you think of the colours?



  1. Love the colour you chose and great it lasted so long without chipping!

  2. Yay you're back :) gorgeous colour Chloe and the custom polish idea is such a good one x

    1. Aw thank you Emma :) It;s something different at least! x


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