C'est La Vie

I’ve sort of gone out of the habit of blogging so much that I don’t think I’m capable of writing something decent. Plus no-one really cares about your thoughts on your results, they just want to know what you got. No matter how many times I replied with “Yeah I’m happy!” I was faced with narrowed eyes & the insistent question “But what did you GET?!” So here are my results, I’m a little disappointed with some, but if I have enough for my first choice, I don’t think I’ll ever really care.

Geography – A1
German – A2
English – A2
Biology – B1
Home Ec – B1
Maths – B2
Irish – B2
LCVP – Merit

So there they are. I’m okay with them. Shocked at getting on well in Irish (for me) and hopeful that 530 is enough for Law & German in Trinity. I’ll probably write an update on Monday about offers & stuff if I’m not stressing about finding accommodation, etc. That is all! :)

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