Going-out outfit & make-up

I've been wanting to re-join the blogosphere for quite a while now, but due to personal circumstances, haven't been very present online, or IRL! But seeing as it's a new year, I'm going to have a new start. I hadn't planned this blog post, (I'm trying to avoid writing an essay, & blogging is my procrastination) so photos aren't of the highest quality, etc. Hope it's okay!

This is a post dedicated to my appearance on St, Stephen's Night, which was quite a while ago. I went to my aunt's 50th birthday, then headed out to a local club afterwards.

I wore this dress. I got it in New Look, originally €24.99 but €22.46

sleeves & round neckline kept things classier. including my student discount. I am tack central, so I love animal print. Leopard, zebra, snake-skin, you name it. I admit that this dress was pretty short. I'm 5'7", so that was probably why, but of you were any taller, I'd definitely recommend tights! As you can see, I didn't opt for tights but I was a little nervous of flashing too much, especially after a few drinks! Something I love about this dress is that it's not too tight,but also not exactly 'flowy'. (It was perfect after loads of Christmas dinner!) I'm an hourglass shape, so it came in at the waist & then skimmed over my hips. I also like the idea of showing either legs or cleavage, so the longer
I'm not exactly great at accessorising, so I kept things to a minimum; my earrings were the black version of these feathery ones, also from New Look, for €3.99.

My ring was from Awear and is no longer on the website,but I believe it was around the €5 mark.

Shoes were a pair of Penney's finest black snake-skin shoes boots, at €21.

My make up was pretty stand-out, because I was in the mood for a different look. I did my usual face of:
Catrice Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner
Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC 15
Catrice All Round Concealer
Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder (One shade)
Benefit Coralista

My eyes had:
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion

17 Perfect Definition Eyeliner in Onyx
Silver & G
old eyeshadow from Fearne Cotton's "Made You Look, Made You Stare" palette for Boots
Eyelure Girls Aloud (Nicola) False Lashes

And I did a brighter lip than usual.
I used a Yes To Carrots Lip Butter, then tried out a Models Own lipstick in Hot
Pink. It was a big step away from my usual nudes, but I did like the neon colour!

So overall, my hair & make-up came out something like this

Either way, I had quite a good night. I wanted to try out a bit of a different look, & I didn't chicken out.
My lipstick might have faded & the shoes might have come off at the end of the night in favour of flats, but there's no pictures of the messy part of the night.. Thankfully!
I feel quite awkward ending this post actually. I know quite a few bloggers finish up by asking a question, but I don't exactly have many followers. But give it time, I might develop into a questioning, non-awkward blogger!

Chloe x


  1. Leopard always makes for a fun outfit for a night out!

    xo erica

  2. I love the leopard print. Great post:)

  3. thank you! Just ordered a leopard print case for my phone too.. It's turning into an obsession! x

  4. I love your shoes. Great blog. Shall we follow each other?

  5. Thank you! I'm hoping they start to become more comfortable soon, or they'll be put on a shelf to admire! Just followed you with GFC :)


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