Emergency cleansing alternatives!

Hey guys!

So this is very much a last-minute, unplanned, not-very-well-planned-out type of post, that's coming as a result of my lack of organisation. As usual, I came home from college this weekend, but I didn't bother to bring home a bag or anything (I only had a large suitcase, & refused to bring it on the Luas at 8AM on a Saturday, I don't have a death wish. As it turned out, I woke up early so actually had breathing space on the Luas, & most likely could have brought the suitcase. But hey, too late now.) Either way, after just returning from Christmas holidays, I figured I didn't have anything to bring home - My washing could wait. But, the one essential I forgot was cleanser. Normally, I have some in my apartment & at home, just in case. But I left my No7 Hot Cloth cleanser in my apartment, along with my tea-tree oil cleanser, and even my emergency face-wipes. I thought I had left some of Tesco's cucumber cleanser down home (it's actually so good, & so cheap!) but couldn't find it. Apart from some ancient Clearasil, which wasn't so appealing, & half of Boots stock of face wash, I had nothing.

UNTIL. I thought of a suggestion from about a year ago. One of my friends had been talking about the Oil Cleansing method, which I had dismissed. Although my skin is dry, it breaks out often, badly, & unexpectedly. But tonight, I was desperate. Also, not very well prepared. All the reviews I quickly checked online suggested castor oil & sunflower seed oil. My mum doesn't tend to have these in her presses, so I had to improvise. Hello, Dunnes best sunflower oil & Johnson's baby oil. (Can you feel my desperation?)

Very simply, I mixed about a teaspoon of both in an egg cup. I poured it into my hands & rubbed them together, to warm it up, then gently rubbed it into my face with small circular motions. I was going to avoid my eyes, seeing as I have eye make-up remover, & then decided I may as well try that too. So my whole face got a going-over. I could literally see my make-up melting off, which did make me feel like at least something was being removed. Removal of the oil was pretty easy - I ran a muslin cloth under hot water, & washed it off. I figured it was better to soak a face cloth in the hot water & just press it on my eyes to melt my eye make-up, then used a cotton bud dipped in remover to take off the last remaining bit.

The result? Well obviously I can't comment on any effect it has on my skin, since it's only an hour later, but seeing as it was a once off, it hopefully won't go mad. My make up is definitely completely off, which is brilliant, plus it feels pretty moisturised from the oil which is appreciated right now!

Unusually for me these days, I had a full face of slap on.
Applied especially for Saturday night mass.

And BOOM, no make-up.
Also the appearance of a twelve year old without glasses & eyeliner.

So overall, while I can't see myself resorting to the Oil Cleansing method full-time, it was handy when I had nothing else! Have any of you had to resort to alternative cleansers? Or do you use the Oil Cleansing method every night? Let me know!

Chloe x

PS Also left my camera up there, hence the grainy web-cam photos. Apologies!


  1. Thnks for following me. I have followed you back xx

  2. great earrings feathers!

  3. Thanks Sareeta :)

    Thank you Kate, I love how bright they are! They cheer me up x

  4. The few times I've been in that situation I've ended up scrubbing and scrubbing my face with warm water to try and get as much makeup off as possible but inevitably end up panda-like- this is such a good and practical alternative! Will definitely keep this in mind xxx

  5. I always end up forgetting cleanser, but I've had such bad skin lately that I couldn't bare the thought of sleeping in my make up! Goodluck if you try it :) xx


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