NYC Nail Polish in Ink Stain


Recently, I won an NYC give-away on ArtDonatella's lovely blog; and as I have never tried out their make-up before (purely because it wasn't in my local chemists, it's much more available in Dublin!), now was a good a time as any.

As part of my fabulous prize, I received two of NYC's Expert Last Nail Polishes. Both colours are amazing, but I went for Shade 115, Ink Stain first. It's a stunning colour, which looks navy at first; with a more vivid royal blue shine. I literally sat on my bed for a few minutes, looking at the bottle at various angles, in the light, just to see all the blue hues running through it!

My hopes were definitely high, and I wasn't disappointed. The polish applies like a dream - perfectly opaque in just one coat, and the brush is so thick that just two strokes covered my nails completely. I didn't exactly time myself, but it dried really quickly, which I was delighted with.

Without flash.

With flash.

Similar to the way it looks in the bottle, at first glance, it appears to be a very shiny navy or dark blue. But under the light, you can see a faint royal blue shimmer. It reminds me a bit of Barry M's Nail Paint in 292 Navy, but for a smaller price. Nothing in the NYC range is more than €3.99, so you can afford to try out a few colours!
Such a gorgeous shine to it!

I'm definitely in love, and can't wait to try out my other shade (235, Fine Red Wine) to make sure it wasn't just a fluke!

What do you think of NYC?

Chloe x


  1. Oooo I have this it's cracking. The colour is fabulous!



  2. I absolutely love it! I'm doing that 'new nail-polish' thing of looking at my nails every time they move, to see how it looks! Hopefully it doesn't chip too quickly! x

  3. Ooo that would good with my new royal blue jeans!

  4. Haha you can't beat colour co-ordination! Maybe that could be an excuse for buying the navy shoes I want.. "They matched my nails!" x

  5. the colour of the nail varnish is just lovely! great blog :)


  6. It's so pretty! Also after three days, the only sign of wear is at the tops of my nails, where I tend to pick at anyway.. So definitely long lasting! x

  7. I agree, I ended up picking it all off today & am considering just reapplying it! x

  8. Such a pretty colour and good to see it is long lasting!! I've been wanting to try the NYC polishes for a while but wasn't expecting great things! Nice to proven wrong on this!!



    1. I didn't even apply a topcoat, so they're impressive! x

  9. Replies
    1. Same, it's a perfect alternative to black!xx


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