I'm still alive, honestly..

Hey everyone!

So sorry that I have completely disappeared! I was in Berlin for a while, minus laptop or t'internet, then essays, class stuff, etc just piled up on top of me! To be perfectly honest, this post is going to just be a quick recap of what I've been up to, with many, many pictures. Brace yourselves.

1. Pancake Tuesday - Yes it has really been that long since I last posted. Myself & two of my housemates do Soup Run in the city on Tuesday nights, so afterwards we came home & treated ourselves to Nutella and pancakes.. Yum.

2. Tuxedo nails - Inspired by Zooey Deschanel at the Golden Globes, I knew the guys in my class planned on 'suiting up' for the airport on the way to Berlin. So I decided to join in. I used Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream as the base, with a black Kiss nail art pen for details.

3. First German meal - And we went for Italian. Forget local cuisine, I honestly had more foreign food there than in the rest of my life. We landed, dumped our bags at the hotel & went in search of food. As usual, I opted for pasta, with cheese, tomato sauce, olives, veg, etc. It was such a small, sweet little restaurant!

4. Night view - Seeing as I study German Law, a lot of our trip was taken up with visits German houses of parliament, etc. We went to the Bundestag (parliament) and managed to get out onto a balcony, from which we saw the bright night lights of Berlin.. It was gorgeous. Love love love.

5. Asian food - See, I wasn't lying. We had loads of free time one day, and we were staying beside the main train station. In Germany, the station are also like shopping centres, so myself & a friend went to an Asian place for food. I got beef with veg & rice, for like €6.50 & we shared 5 spring rolls for just €2 - Brilliant price!

6. Nail polish - I couldn't go shopping in Germany without picking up some make up. The first four nail polishes were on sale for €1.95 each, & are gorgeous colours. The fifth was an Essence nail polish, which I just decided to try out. Reviews will most likely be up soon!

7. Me & my sisters - Two days after I came home, it was my sister's confirmation. There's quite a big age gap between me & those three, but we get on well. I wore a mullet-skirt dress from Awear & was delighted, because my sister asked me to sponsor her. We went for dinner & had a lovely day!

8. Naked palette - Okay, I KNOW I am late to the band wagon on this one. I have been lusting after the Naked palette since it first came out, but it tok me until last week to actually bite the bullet and buy it. What can I say? Match made in Heaven.

9. Chilli Con Carne - I went for dinner to Captain America's with my friend, as a break from my essay. €3 cocktails & I was tipsy before evening. I got chilli, which is MASSIVE. I really should've gotten a side salad, but without thinking, ordered chips. And there was rice. And tortilla chips. Needless to say, I didn't finish it.

10. Shorts - There's really no story behind this. We were strolling down Grafton Street, I took the opportunity to pop into River Island, & fell in love with these cuties. The pink ones are such a nice colour for summer, & the green just made me think of St Patrick's Day. Want!

11. Yum Thai - Same day as above, we finished college at two, grabbed food from Yum Thai & went to sit in St Stephen's Green. Again, I got beef & rice, which was SPICY! I didn't even have water with me.. But for €5, so worth it!

12. Black dress - Which does not belong to me. Boo. Last week, I had three nights out. My first as an over 18 singleton, so an amazing dress was needed! My housemate loaned me her gorgeous black body-con dress from River Island, which I am dying for... If it goes missing, I am not responsible.

So, that has been the last month of my life. Clearly, I have eaten a lot, & done not much more. I promise to be a better blogger, & post regularly! Hope everyone is keeping well & has a good weekend/ happy Mother's Day!

Chloe x

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