Ginger/Blonde Ombre Hair

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Hey guys!

So, I changed my hair this week. Nothing major at all, I just made the ends a little lighter for an ombre effect. I wanted it to be subtle, in case I hated it, but I. Am. In. Love. So, I will probably make it a little lighter at the very ends, for a bit of a more dramatic effect.

This isn't a DIY tutorial or anything, although I did do it myself. In case you're curious, I used Jerome Russell B Blonde Hair Lightener Kit for medium to dark brown hair. I have red hair, & found it almost impossible to find any clear photos of people with natural ginger hair, and lighter tips, so this is really just to show you what it looks like. The ends are more of a strawberry blonde than blonde, but you can always go lighter.

My hair naturally.
Excuse the face, I was cracking into champagne..

Immediately after bleaching.

After styling.

So, apart from posting several photos of myself posing, I hope this helps any girls who have red hair that want to try the ombre trend. I'll keep you guys updated on whether I go lighter or not - After years of dying my hair, I don't want to absolutely ruin it.

What do you think of ombre hair? Have you tried it?

Chloe x


  1. Thank you! I was terrified, but it was easy! Good luck if you decide to do yours :) xx


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