Essence Nail Stickers

Hi guys :)

I got these zebra-print nail stickers by Essence quite a while ago - It was well before Christmas. But since I'm an awful person, I completely forgot about them. When I found them today as I procrastinated (I have three weeks of study at the moment, before my exams start) I quickly cleaned off the Easter nails that I had been so proud of, & tried to figure out how exactly to put stickers on my nails without looking like a four-year old let loose in Arts & Crafts box.

Said Easter nails.
Not as impressive as I'd like to believe.

Turns out, I didn't have to worry. They weren't complicated enough to let me avoid study for too long, and they look so pretty.

The instructions are pretty clear - Natural nails should be clean, fit the correct size sticker to each nail, press sticker on & file the excess sticker. To be honest, my nails are ridiculously short & the stickers are reasonably long, so I broke out the scissors to get rid of the excess sticker. Pretty sure I'd actually be able to apply another set! The pack comes with fourteen stickers anyway, so no sweat if you mess up one.

The sticker applied directly, & cut down to size.

Essence recommend sealing the design with a shiny topcoat, but I'm thinking a matte finish would look gorgeous. I'll leave it for now (purely because my supplies are limited at the moment, darn two bedrooms in different counties.) but this weekend, I'm planning on a matte topcoat & having fun with glittery nail art pens. I'll keep you updated on how that turns out!

The end result. I love it!

Have any of you tried nail stickers? How did they turn out? I'll be honest, I love my nail polish, but for €2.49, I'll try anything. Hope you all had a brilliant Easter!

Chloe x

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