Havin' a ball.

Hi guys!

I was about to apologise for a lack of posts, then I realised - It's pretty much the norm for me. Like a lot of other bloggers, I'm in the midst of trying miserably to study for end of year exams. (Which means i'm not blogging myself, but avoiding the books by reading lots of other posts to be honest.)

Also, I seem to be having a slight problem, in that my new posts don't show up on my followers' Dashboards. If anyone has any idea how to fix this - It would be very much appreciated!

As a little break from study though, I was at one of my friend's college ball last Thursday. (Just in case you're wondering Mum, yes I DO do things other than go to balls in college. Honest.) It was an amazing night, and thankfully very cheap for me - He paid for my ticket, I borrowed a dress, and did my own hair, make-up, etc. While I don't have many photos of the night, as my camera is playing up, here are a few quickies:

Probably the best photo I have of my dress.
It was backless, which caused me a lot of hassle in trying to find the correct bra, 
but I finally succeeded! 
With me is my best friend, Danielle. 

A photo of my make up. 
(Before I did my hair, etc.)

My eye make up. 
A very basic golden/brown smoky eye.
(Before I applied false lashes)

Overall, it was a fabulous night. Good luck to any girls studying/ doing exams at the moment!

Chloe x


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