Midweek Mumbles

Hi girls :)

I know a lot of bloggers tend to do this kind of post at the weekend - A quick summary of the week. I've decided to do it mid-week, because at the start of college, Wednesdays always got me down. It had been a few days since I saw my family, and would be another few before I got to go home. While I've completely settled in now, I still like a quick pick-me-up and having something to focus on. So, moving on..

5 Songs I'm listening to
Taylor Swift - Back To December
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
Rizzle Kicks - Mama Do The Hump
Heartland - I Loved Her First
Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup

5 Things I've watched
New Girl
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
Barney & Friends.. (A very productive night)
Mean Disney Girls
Paranormal Activity 3

5 Things I've read
Lorraine's post about Lush's publicity stunt
BAFTA's Nominations
My exam timetable :(
Reports on Louis Le Brocquy's death - May he rest in peace.
New legislation that will penalise not reporting sex abuse.

5 things that made me smile
Going to a ball with my friends
Getting blog awards by Mollie
Claire's amazing cupcakes
This picture
Sitting indoors with tea, listening to the rain

Hope you're all having a good week!

Chloe x


  1. Eeee, I love Paranormal Activity 3! And that Mean Disney Girls video was hilarious :D

    I'm glad I made you smile!

    Mollie xo

    1. I love horror films, don't know why I hadn't watched it before! A day well spent looking at Disney videos :)

  2. Hi, just found your lovely blog! What a great idea for a post! I've also been reading the Beaut.ie post about Lush, absolutely shocking. On a different note, I love Kate Nash's Pumpkin Soup and haven't heard it in ages so thanks for the reminder!:-)

    1. Hi CeeCee, thank you! I know, I love their posts on topics other than make-up, they really bring a different perspective to serious topics! No problem, she's so good! xx

  3. chloe that photo is so so so cute the lil ginger one!!!

    1. I know, I just went "AWWW" looking at it! Story of my life! x

  4. Love the Song Pumpkin Soup :)

    Lovely Greetings from Vienna ♡

    1. Love Kate Nash in general! Thank you for following :) xx


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