Sunday Samples #3

Technically, this is still a Sunday sample, because it's before midnight. That's how desperate I am to tell you about one of my favourite samples EVER.

Around my birthday, Sam McCauley's in the town I work in had a relaunch, & so, when you spent a certain amount on Clinique, you get a free gift. One of the free things (I LOVE FREE THINGS) was Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. Clinique call it a cream/gel that will plump skin with hydration. I have combination skin that's mostly dry, rather than oily, so I always appreciate some extra moisture. Was this good enough?

Well, I've kinda already said it's one of my favourite things, so in a nutshell: yes. It's insanely light on my skin, but my face feels soft & hydrated instantly. Honestly, I don't use it every morning, but if I haven't taken off my make up properly/ used a night cream, or have used a face wash after the gym, this goes straight on. My skin doesn't feel dry or tight until late at night when I've taken my make up back off, before re-moisturising so it definitely lasts! Also, it doesn't irritate my skin at all (While not overly sensitive, it will go bright red very easily.) so I can put it on & leave without make up, or put make up over it.

My sample is 15ml, & it looks like I've barely used any - you only need a small dot onto each area of your face, & you're good to go. A full sized pot contains 50ml, but because it's going to last so long, the €43.50 price tag doesn't seem quite so bad. (I actually really like the sample pot, because it's the perfect size for throwing into a make up bag that comes to the gym with me.) I won't say I'll be repurchasing the second it runs out, but I probably will buy it, & maybe transfer some of the full size container into the sample, because I just love having it in my bag.

This is not something I would have tried out myself, & that is exactly why I love samples & gifts with purchase - So many new things to play with!

What moisturiser are you using?
Chloe x


  1. Same reason I love samples, sometimes if something is expensive you don't want to normally take the risk!

    1. Exactly, or it's not something you'd even think about buying!

  2. It sounds gorgeous, samples are such a brilliant way of seeing how something works on your skin. One of the girls in my local chemist is very good for popping samples into the bag, I've bought many a full-sized thing on the back of it x

    1. Especially when the sample is big enough to properly give it a go! I love when websites send out samples too x

  3. I am so trying this!! Love your blog!


  4. I haven't tried this cream but I love all the products I have tried in Clinqu's Moisture Surge range so I'm sure I'd love this too!


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