5 Things #4

5 Songs 

  1. Kodaline - Love Like This
  2. Bastille - Bad Blood
  3. Original Rudeboys - Live Your Life
  4. Hudson Taylor - Cinematic Lifestyle
  5. Paddy Casey - Saints & Sinners 

5 To Look At
  1. 16 Profound Quotes from Disney movies is sweet, but it just reminds me that I used to watch the knock off versions of Disney movies. 
  2. This article absolutely sickens me at the lack of justice for rape victims. And makes me want to do something about it.
  3. Suzy from Glamour & Go compiled a massive, must-click-on-every-link list of Irish bloggers. Reading material is sorted.
  4. Mean Gurlz. That is not a typo, this is lol-tastic.
  5. Ahahahaha. I am not a massive Rihanna fan, but either way, love the actions of someone in Dublin.

5 Things That Made Me Smile
  1. When bad accessories happen to good people. Like the silver gypsy belt I used to wear daily that was far too big for me.
  2. A picture of a bunny wearing bunny slippers? I want it as my screensaver.
  3. My mother's favourite rant - "You're making a show of me." I'd say I heard all other 10 phrases many a time too.
  4. My music choices this week have a theme - All the acts are playing at Indiependence, which I am going to! Whoo!
  5. My bee-yoo-tiful laptop arrived Monday so I AM BACK!


  1. I love this post!!! I now want to blare kodaline and but a ticket for indiependence!!!

    1. Blare them loud & proud! I'm just raging I don't have them on my iPod yet! It looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Welcome Back! Love that Bastille tune, also dying laughing at Mean Gurlz, so funny! Rihoynce!! Gas x

    1. Thank you! I love Bastille, their songs are so catchy! x


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