Thing #9

I have resorted back to the 30 Things, because I have no laptop to do my beauty photos. Wah.

9. List 10 people who have influenced you & describe how.

  1. My mum.
  2. My dad. You can read about them here, they're obvious influences in a person's life!
  3. My nanny. She brought me up, & pretty much shaped my life.
  4. My German teacher - She gave me such a love for German that I chose to study it. I cried at her note to me in my yearbook.
  5. My school friends - They gave me a lot of confidence & helped me understand that it was okay to be me.
  6. My college friends - I have 5 close friends in my class & can always talk to them. I'm not afraid to express myself in front of them at all.
  7. My cousin Becky - We've grown up together & she's played a big part in my life. We influenced each other's music & stle a lot in our younger teens... Cringe.
  8. Some of the younger kids I coach in rowing. They never give up & after one excruciating moment at a race last year (We won, the home judges gave first place to their own team) they vowed to work as hard as possible for the All Irelands. And they did.
Okay, 8 isn't 10, but it's close enough. And since some of my 'people' are a group of people, it's technically extra. Plus I'm getting quite cold in the college library, so I'd like to leave now.

Regular posting will hopefully resume shortly!


  1. Haha I love that - 8 isn't 10 but it's close enough - sure you've loads of people in there ;-) I had a really good German teacher too, I don't think I'd have stuck it at school without her encouragement. Pity I've forgotten 50% of it now, mind... x

  2. Lovely little post, very nice. My mom would probably be first on my list too. I am a new follower, please check out my blog if you get a chance! xxx


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