Thing #1

So, for the next 30 days I shall be posting about a daily topic from the 30 Things list. First up..

1) List 20 random facts about yourself.
Just in case all my tag posts with facts weren't enough for you! I'll try pop up with 20 interesting things.. Try.

  1. I can't roll my tongue. It took me quite a while to realise that was even a thing.
  2. I count the lines in a sentence when reading books, magazines, etc.
  3. I hate wearing PJs, they make me feel really uncomfortable.. Shorts & a T-Shirt please.
  4. On my old laptop, I had a 99% win streak on Freecell.
  5. I constantly face the dilemma: I love getting my make up done but doing it myself relaxes me.
  6. I sit on the train, listening to my iPod, pretending I'm in a film/music video.
  7. I have to make my bed first thing every morning.
  8. I will listen to a song/ eat a food/ wear a piece of clothing daily until I'm sick of it.
  9. I hate being touched. Cuddling, etc doesn't go down well.
  10. I am getting two goldfish when I'm in final year of college & calling them Cocoa Pops & Crunchy Nut.
  11. I'm considering getting my collarbones, tongue or anti-navel pierced.
  12. I love stories about Ouija boards & scary stuff.
  13. I am in love with freckles. I want MORE.
  14. I don't wear jeans, I think I'm afraid they'll catch in my dermals.
  15. I think life is too short to regret silly things, or stay mad at people.
  16. I'm going to the zoo this week. I hope.
  17. I also want to have a barbecue.. But I hate BBQ food.
  18. The thing that really annoys me is people letting children run riot in shops. Maybe it's just because we have power tools, saws, chain & so on on display.
  19. None of my mum's friends knew I existed. They thought it was just my parents & 3 younger sisters..
  20. I am unbelievably fickle with my hair, music & make up but very reliable for friends!


  1. I listen to my music & think i'm in a film too! haha & i need to make my bed too, i can't leave the house until i done so :P
    Some really cool facts :)

    1. I thought I was just weird! But I can't concentrate if my bed is messy haha. Thank you! xxx

  2. Ha love this list, enjoy the zoo!

  3. brilliant chloe, im a moviestar too :)


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