Thing #8

8. What are 5 passions you have?

And if not, just remember:
And I'm totally passionate about Buzzfeed & all the stuff they post.

  1. Rowing. Most people do't think I'm sporty at all. But I've actually been playing a variety of sports since I was 3, until the bitchiness of teams comprising of teenage girls got to me. Enter rowing. Every year I curse it, but I couldn't not come back. I'm currently in bed with a burn in a delicate area (problem of the wrong underwear for a 3 hour row) & serious back pains, but I still can't wait for training. I cox, row, am a selector & PRO... I totally have no life.
  2. Make-up! This is an obvious one, I obviously have a passion for make up. While I don't have a problem not wearing it, I love how it can transform someone & I get so excited playing with it. I fee more 'me' with my hair down, flicked eyeliner & bright lipstick.
  3. I'm not sure what to call this, but I'm passionate about mental health. Two family members have committed suicide & I know several friends who have struggled with their mental health, and so have I. I want everyone to know that it's good to talk, & that your mental health is just as important as physical.
  4. Music. I can't say I'm absolutely obsessed with it, but I do play guitar & sing. More than that though, I just love having my iPod with me to listen to on journeys, when I'm walking, in bed. Sometimes it's just easier to identify with song lyrics than with people. I'm not a music snob though, I realised the last time I was on the train that my camera's SD card had cheesy pop on it & quickly inserted my headphones to my phone.
  5. Having fun. It may sound weird, but I'd rather look back on my life & appreciate the times I went to the beach instead of the library, or dyed my hair & went out, and played on the trampoline with my sisters, etc. Okay, work & college are important, but so is having free time!


  1. Great list - so important to have passions and I completely agree with your last point xo


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