Thing #2

Well, I haven't given up yet...

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Agh. I hate this. I don't talk about stuff I'm afraid of, not seriously. Here goes...

  1. My family dying. This is actually a recent thing - Obviously no-one wants their family to die, but I get flashes about it. Like, if my parents & sisters are travelling somewhere, I get an image of answering the phone to be told that their car has crashed & suddenly, I'm all alone. It's not rational & it's DEFINITELY not nice.
  2. I'm terrified about moving to Germany this year. I joke about how weird it will be, or brush it of as 'only a year', but I'm afraid that I'll find it too hard, that I'll miss everyone, that I'll miss out on stuff going on at home... It only hit me last week that this is it, I am going. Scary!
  3. Love. For reals. Put simply - If you love someone, it's a bazillion times worse if someone hurts you or gets hurt. I'm only even talking about friends & family, if you love & trust them, it's scary to thin of how much they could hurt you. But you have to hope they love you enough not to. Similarly, if you love someone, when something happens them, it's tough to watch. So I have a fear of love.

I probably come off as crazy, but they are three of my fears! What're yours?
Chloe x


  1. Hi Chloe, first time commenter, Do not worry about going to Germany. I assume its Erasmus you're doing right? Where are you going and what are you studying?
    I spent a year in Marburg studying Law &German, and I went through some horrific stuff (my grandma died, I broke my new laptop and my Dad got Leukaemia) but it was still the best year of my life. 2 years later and I'm still friends with the people I met there and cannot forget the amazing memories, if you want to chat more about it I can help alleviate any worries you may have. DM me @srmwilliams. x

    1. Hi Samantha, thanks so much for your comment! I'm actually doing Law & German too, and going to Jena for Erasmus.
      Everyone keeps telling me about what an amazing year they had, it's just settling in I worry about! But have followed you on Twitter, thank you :) x

  2. Think that Germany will be a huge adventure, a once in a lifetime thing! I'm terrified of losing my partner because he's my entire world, and I can't bear the though of losing my close family!

    I'm also terrified of me dying young and missing out on times with them!

    1. I know, I do know it'll be a new experience at least! Ah I have that too, I always worry about what would happen if something happened me!

  3. Chloe Germany will be amazing, the things at home will still be there when you get home, and your friends will be the ones who feel they are missing out. Travelling and experiencing new cultures opens your eyes to the bigger world and i can guarantee will make you a stronger person :) you will do great over there x

    1. Ah thank you :) Most of the time I can't wait, & I plan on gong around Europe a bit will be amazing, just sometimes the panic sets in! x


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