Thing #3

3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

Wow, they really get deep with these questions, don't they?

My daddy, me & my mum on my graduation. 

I have quite a trusting relationship with my parents, I guess. Because I'm the oldest (I'm 20; my next sister is 13), I'm pretty responsible and it's accepted that our house has 3 adults, 3 children! I've become a lot closer to my parents since I moved out for college. My parents are not emotional in the slightest, but the day I moved out, my mum & I cried.

Now, like I said she is not emotional, so she can say stuff that gets at me & she doesn't understand why I'm sensitive about it, but generally we can have light chats, or talk about serious things. We're polar opposites - She doesn't even use moisturiser, whereas I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with beauty products, and she's a clean freak but I'm more relaxed. In fairness, we could probably just drift around the house not talking to one another for ages!

I will admit that I get on with my dad more, because we work in different branches of the same company so on the way to & from work, we can chat about what's happened, & we're both members of the same rowing club. But this means that when we fight, it's awful. We're both redheads so have hot tempers! Then we won't speak for a few days, until I go to college for the week, & when I come home again, it's okay.

One thing my parents have taught me though, is that it doesn't matter where you come from or what you're given - As long as you're going somewhere where you're happy & you appreciate everything. I've said before that my family are quite regular, & my parents both left school by the age of 16 to work, and have continued to work since then, for my sisters & I. When I hit 18, I became my own responsibility. They'd never throw me out & let me fend for myself if I was broke & unemployed, but they're also never going to pay my rent & throw a tenner my way to buy a lipstick!

I actually love my relations with my parents in that I might pay for the car tax, & then my mum will pay for my shopping that week, etc. I feel that they trust me & give me my freedom - They're not fans of my piercings/pink hair, etc but they'd never stop me... Just make fun of me!

So basically, like everyone I fight with my parents, but I always appreciate them. They're the biggest influence in my life & I hope to do them proud!


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