Lancome Alber Elbaz Drama Eyes Palette

Hello there from The Worst Blogger Ever. I've used up my I had no laptop/ I lost my camera excuses, so today's excuse is: I have zero time. Like, so little time that I barely wear make up. So I was ridiculously excited to even do my make up to take blog pictures.

I picked up the Drama Eyes eyeshadow palette from Lancome's Alber Elbaz collection two weeks ago, & after two weeks of occasional use (i.e. when I had a spare two minutes in the morning), I'm going to tell you all about it.

In love with the packaging

First up: Packaging is stunning. Even the exterior cardboard box is just lovely, covered in doodles of eyes (not in a creepy way.) The Drama Eyes palette is covered with pretty little polka dots, is quite sturdy, & clicks shut securely. It houses a mirror in the lid and also contains two brushes. So far, so good.

In the pan, the shadows are beautiful - I've really grown attached to pink eyeshadows, and since I'm a glittery eyeshadow kinda girl, the slight shimmer in the shades appeals to me. Here, there's a mid grey with shimmer, a pale shimmery pink, a sparkly pale silver, a glittery deep grey, and a matte black. Basically, all the essentials for a smoky eye!

Pan - Mid grey, pink, dark grey, black, silver

I won't lie - The pigmentation could definitely be better. But the shadows are easily built up, and intensify once used over primer. This obviously has both advantages & disadvantages - They can be used during the day & not look too over-the-top, but can still pack a punch later on. I've mostly been using the pink/ mid-grey shade all over, with a bit of dark grey in the crease, for work, but also loved doing a smoky eye.

Staying power is fabulous - They've been lasting all day, even when applied at 6:30AM, they last through work & 3 hours of training. I'm definitely liking coming home at 11PM to perfect eye make up! They do cause a bit of fall out though, especially the two darker shades, so be careful if you do want to touch them up.

Using all the shadows for a light smoky eye (majorly sorry about the awful application.. Cringe.)

In summary, big thumbs up from me, & I'd love another - If I had a spare €49.00 (Thank God for vouchers!). It is expensive, but considering a single eyeshadow is €25, it balances out & is a nice bit of luxury. It can be picked up in Boots, Debenhams, Sam McCauley & many other stockists!

What do you think of the Alber Elbaz collection?
Chloe x

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