Make Up Forever HD Foundation

After realising that I hadn't actually reviewed most of my June favourites, I figured I'd better get a move on. And there was no hesitation when deciding what to review first - Make Up Forever's HD Foundation was top of the list.

MUFE describe it as using 'innovative formulas to create a new generation of make up which is invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye; the oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation covers skin imperfections, is easy to apply and leaves the skin soft and radiant." It sounds absolutely amazing, & is massively hyped, but some reviews claim that's all it is - Hype. So I was a little bit nervous about spending €39.50 on something that could be awful. But I did, and I don't regret it.

Bare skin - Just foundation

Okay, I skip foundation A LOT these days, but I cling on to it for dear life in a night out or special occasion. I fully admit it - I'm vain & want my skin to look its best, especially when photos are involved. And HD foundation really does help with that. I don't find it to be cakey or too thick. After application with a few brushes, I've decided that buffing it into your skin works best to give you a flawless complexion without any streaks or patches. I have dry skin & it lasts all day/ night on me, but it doesn't seem too fade a lot around spots, etc either, so I think it should work for oily skin tones too - It's actually oil free!

No make up - Foundation (and eye make up!) - Full make up

The packaging is just standard clear plastic, but it comes with a pump which is brilliant. I tend to use a pump & a half - two pumps for full coverage. I have shade 118, which is a good bit darker than my skin, but matches my fake tan beautifully. It's quite runny, but spreads well, & should last quite a while (so €39.50 for 30ml seems a bit more bearable!)

I just like putting up photos of myself. In which you can see the kinda 'soft focus' effect.

Basically, I think my skin looks pretty damn deadly when it's on - It covers spots, evens skin tone & my pores seem smaller. It's definitely not one I'd wear every day (Though I have worn it during the day & didn't find it too heavy) but for Special Occasions, I think this HD might just be my HG.

Do you have a special foundation?
Chloe x


  1. Your hair - swoon!!! It looks amazing!!!
    And the foundation sounds good too :)

  2. It looks great on you Chloe and how fantastic do you look in these photos?! Absolutely LOVING your hair xo

  3. You look fantastic Chloe! The foundation looks really nice on your skin, especially in that last picture, it looks like it's got really good coverage without being obvious.

    1. Thanks Sharon! That's the thing, it works just as well in real life as on camera x

  4. this looks amazing on you! love your hair. (': in reply to your comment on my blog, for my smoothie i get those boxes of frozen fruit in tesco (: the summer fruits one with raspberries and all and then pour in a bit of orange juice. sometimes i use yogurt depending on how i want it to taste.x

    1. Thank you! Oh brilliant, I'm definitely going to try it :) x

  5. i'm so bad with putting on make up but u make it look so easy! and the steps are easy to follow too...i'm your newwest follower :). You have a cute blog. hope you can stop by my blog too :) *Spreading blog luv*

  6. You look great!
    Love your smile!

  7. That stuff looks like the bees knees! must investigate.


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