Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

So, Chocolate Whip isn't exactly a new Cocoa Brown product but I've been so behind on blogging that I'm just getting around to review it now! And I still have their latest three products to write about, so keep an eye out!

Okay, so the basics - Chocolate Whip is a body moisturiser, made especially for tanning (though it can obviously used as normal too). You know when you read the back of your tan, and it says "Apply an oil-free moisturiser..." & you just kinda ignore it & rub whatever's handy into your dry patches? Well that was me, because I just didn't know of any oil free moisturisers! Moisturisers that contain oil will make your tan fade unevenly, so points to Cocoa Brown for bringing an oil free moisturiser to the masses!

Chocolate Whip comes in a similar tube to Tough Stuff, but it's white with pink accents (as you can clearly see). The product is brown, which is different to the white/ clear moisturisers I'm used to, so I think I expected a chocolatey smell, but it's scented with Cocoa Brown's signature Tahitian Gardenia Scent. The scent doesn't hang around too long, which doesn't bother me either way.

I think the best part of Chocolate Whip is the fact that it sinks in so quickly - I never moisturise in the morning, I do it after my night time shower so I don't have to get dressed, but if I was tanning last minute and needed to get rid of dry skin early in the day, I'm confident that I could get away with getting dressed straight away! Speaking of dry skin, all the above is no good if it doesn't actually moisturise the skin.. But no fear. Because it sinks in quickly, it doesn't spread as much as other moisturisers but a tube still lasts a reasonable amount of time.

When I'm home, I use Chocolate Whip three times a week or so, and then dab some on my knees, ankles, feet, wrists & elbows just before I tan. Right now, seeing as I only have the tubes I brought over with me, I've been sticking to using a normal moisturiser during the week, and keeping Chocolate Whip for before tanning & while wearing fake tan! No lie, one of the highlights of getting home will be a constant supply of Cocoa Brown products...

A 200ml tube of Chocolate Whip costs €5.99, and is available in Penneys, lots of pharmacies & on Feel Unique. So it won't break the bank and if you're in Ireland/ the UK, it's easy to pick up!

Have you tried Chocolate Whip? What do you think?

Chloe x

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