Ginger/Blonde Ombre Hair

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Hey guys!

So, I changed my hair this week. Nothing major at all, I just made the ends a little lighter for an ombre effect. I wanted it to be subtle, in case I hated it, but I. Am. In. Love. So, I will probably make it a little lighter at the very ends, for a bit of a more dramatic effect.

This isn't a DIY tutorial or anything, although I did do it myself. In case you're curious, I used Jerome Russell B Blonde Hair Lightener Kit for medium to dark brown hair. I have red hair, & found it almost impossible to find any clear photos of people with natural ginger hair, and lighter tips, so this is really just to show you what it looks like. The ends are more of a strawberry blonde than blonde, but you can always go lighter.

My hair naturally.
Excuse the face, I was cracking into champagne..

Immediately after bleaching.

After styling.

So, apart from posting several photos of myself posing, I hope this helps any girls who have red hair that want to try the ombre trend. I'll keep you guys updated on whether I go lighter or not - After years of dying my hair, I don't want to absolutely ruin it.

What do you think of ombre hair? Have you tried it?

Chloe x


I'm still alive, honestly..

Hey everyone!

So sorry that I have completely disappeared! I was in Berlin for a while, minus laptop or t'internet, then essays, class stuff, etc just piled up on top of me! To be perfectly honest, this post is going to just be a quick recap of what I've been up to, with many, many pictures. Brace yourselves.

1. Pancake Tuesday - Yes it has really been that long since I last posted. Myself & two of my housemates do Soup Run in the city on Tuesday nights, so afterwards we came home & treated ourselves to Nutella and pancakes.. Yum.

2. Tuxedo nails - Inspired by Zooey Deschanel at the Golden Globes, I knew the guys in my class planned on 'suiting up' for the airport on the way to Berlin. So I decided to join in. I used Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream as the base, with a black Kiss nail art pen for details.

3. First German meal - And we went for Italian. Forget local cuisine, I honestly had more foreign food there than in the rest of my life. We landed, dumped our bags at the hotel & went in search of food. As usual, I opted for pasta, with cheese, tomato sauce, olives, veg, etc. It was such a small, sweet little restaurant!

4. Night view - Seeing as I study German Law, a lot of our trip was taken up with visits German houses of parliament, etc. We went to the Bundestag (parliament) and managed to get out onto a balcony, from which we saw the bright night lights of Berlin.. It was gorgeous. Love love love.

5. Asian food - See, I wasn't lying. We had loads of free time one day, and we were staying beside the main train station. In Germany, the station are also like shopping centres, so myself & a friend went to an Asian place for food. I got beef with veg & rice, for like €6.50 & we shared 5 spring rolls for just €2 - Brilliant price!

6. Nail polish - I couldn't go shopping in Germany without picking up some make up. The first four nail polishes were on sale for €1.95 each, & are gorgeous colours. The fifth was an Essence nail polish, which I just decided to try out. Reviews will most likely be up soon!

7. Me & my sisters - Two days after I came home, it was my sister's confirmation. There's quite a big age gap between me & those three, but we get on well. I wore a mullet-skirt dress from Awear & was delighted, because my sister asked me to sponsor her. We went for dinner & had a lovely day!

8. Naked palette - Okay, I KNOW I am late to the band wagon on this one. I have been lusting after the Naked palette since it first came out, but it tok me until last week to actually bite the bullet and buy it. What can I say? Match made in Heaven.

9. Chilli Con Carne - I went for dinner to Captain America's with my friend, as a break from my essay. €3 cocktails & I was tipsy before evening. I got chilli, which is MASSIVE. I really should've gotten a side salad, but without thinking, ordered chips. And there was rice. And tortilla chips. Needless to say, I didn't finish it.

10. Shorts - There's really no story behind this. We were strolling down Grafton Street, I took the opportunity to pop into River Island, & fell in love with these cuties. The pink ones are such a nice colour for summer, & the green just made me think of St Patrick's Day. Want!

11. Yum Thai - Same day as above, we finished college at two, grabbed food from Yum Thai & went to sit in St Stephen's Green. Again, I got beef & rice, which was SPICY! I didn't even have water with me.. But for €5, so worth it!

12. Black dress - Which does not belong to me. Boo. Last week, I had three nights out. My first as an over 18 singleton, so an amazing dress was needed! My housemate loaned me her gorgeous black body-con dress from River Island, which I am dying for... If it goes missing, I am not responsible.

So, that has been the last month of my life. Clearly, I have eaten a lot, & done not much more. I promise to be a better blogger, & post regularly! Hope everyone is keeping well & has a good weekend/ happy Mother's Day!

Chloe x
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