FOTD: Golden Smokey Eye.

So last Wednesday I went out & the next day morning I shared a photo of my make up on Instagram because I loved it. You know when you have like three hours to watch Youtube videos & get ready and everything just comes together?
Then the lovely Sarah from RaraGiggles asked me to do a post on what products I used, so here it is! I also decided to check how much my face costs, because using a previous picture means I;m not actively trying to use certain products!

Essence I Love Stage eye primer - €2.99
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Naked, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse & Creep) - €44
MUA Up All Night palette (No 1 & Hot) - €4.99
L'Oreal Infallible Eyeliner (Black) - €7.79
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Black) - €11.99
Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara (Black) - €10.49
Maybelline One By One Mascara (Black) - €11.99
Urban Decay Browbox (Brown Sugar) - €25

Benefit Porefessional - €34
Nars Sheer Glow (Mont Blanc) - €40
P2 Dress Code Happy Concealer - €3.95
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Light) - €6.35
Benefit Booing Concealer (01) - €24
NYC Blushable Creme Stick (Big Apple Blush) - €3.49
Bourjois Bronzing Primer - €13.99
ELF Shimmering Facial Whip (Pink Lemonade) - €2.40

Korres Lip Butter (Pomengranate) - €9.95
Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner (Eastend Snob) - €5.49
MAC Satin Lipstick (Snob) - €19


Waaaaah that is a bit of a crazy total... But I suppose it's my hobby, plus I used a lot of products! It'd be pretty easy to leave out a lot of these products & get a similar result. I couldn't go without the Naked palette though, the golds & browns are beautiful!

This is not in any way a tutorial because I cannot do that for the life of me! But for reference, I blend Buck & Naked just in/over my crease, Half Baked goes in the centre of my lid, with Smog on the outside & Darkhorse applied on the outer V of my eye, with Creep blended over that. Then under my eyes, I started with Darkhorse on the outside, Smog in the middle, and Half Baked in the inner corner. I used the colours from MUA Up All Night as highlights, but Virgin from the Naked palette is one of my favourite eye highlights ever. (I'll stop gushing over Urban Decay now).

So that was my face last week!

Chloe x


Clinique Super City Block SPF 40

So it's June, the sun is out, and I am now 21 & paranoid about my skin. I'm pretty sure I have a forehead wrinkle already. But one thing I've always been good with is remembering suncream (Did I ever mention I'm ginger? My skin burns if the lights are too bright.) At least I've progressed a bit from slathering myself, including my face, in thick white lotion.

Last summer, in one of Clinique's Bonus Time offers, I decided Super City Block would be my skincare. City Block comes in a SPF 25 or SPF 40 variant & I picked up the SPF 40 because I'd use 100 if I could find it. And I've been using it ever since.

City Block comes in a light green tube with a silver cap. The product itself is lightly tinted but it blends out on the skin, and it evens out the skintone a little bit too. It isn't shiny at all so it's fine to wear alone, but I usually wear it under make up & it doesn't interfere with it at all.

And for the technical bits: City Block protects against both UVA & UVB rays and it protects against environmental aggressors too (like city pollution, hence City Block). It's oil free & allergy tested. I have fairly sensitive skin, and it doesn't irritate it at all, but because I have dry skin, I have to apply moisturiser with the sunscreen.

During the summer, I'm out rowing a lot, & on Sundays I might be out from 8AM til 4PM, on the sea. If the sun is out, and it reflects off the water, I need a lot of protection so I use City Block, throw on a BB cream/ concealer and then I can keep applying it over makeup throughout the day. My one problem is that City Block doesn't protect against wind burn.... It looks like sunburn but you don't even get the sun first. Boo.

City Block costs €22 for 40ml which I'm happy to pay - I only use a small amount plus there's no point in splashing out on make up when your skin is damaged.

Which facial sun protection do you use?

Chloe x


So...? Sexy Eau De Toilette & Body Fragrance

I haven't reviewed any fragrances before, because I really find it hard to describe scents! But I love trying out different perfumes and when So...? contacted me & asked if I'd like to choose a Eau De Toilette to review, I was delighted!

So...? was probably the first brand most girls tried out (I got many Impulse & So...? gift sets for Christmas) and I always felt so grown up getting perfume. I'd discarded it since then, but when I looked through the website, I realised that the brand have changed a bit & there's a lot more fragrances, some of which sounded beautifully sophisticated. So I decided to try out So...? Sexy.

So just to break it down, here are all the notes of the EDT -

Top Notes: Mandarin & Blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Rose & Jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood & Musk

It was definitely the mandarin & blackcurrant that caught my eye, it just sounded so fresh! But I knew the sandalwood & musk would tone it down a bit. And I was right! All the scents combined form a deep perfume and it smells quite floral but not in an old-granny way - It's definitely more of a modern, subtle scent. And I admit, it is pretty much a sexy perfume! It's a bit more of a night-time fragrance because of the musk & sandalwood and I've worn it out on a few dates with my boyfriend.

The packaging isn't up there with more expensive perfumes, but I do like the outer box and the accompanying body fragrance - I think the actual bottle itself should either be clear, or completely covered with the fishnet pattern. It's a sturdy bottle though, so I'm not afraid to thrown it into my bag if I'm traveling or plan on being out for a while.

The biggest downfall of the EDT is the lasting power - It definitely doesn't hang around as long as other perfumes, but I suppose in general, eau de toilettes don't! They're supposed to be lighter, and I don't mind that, because as I said I can bring the bottle with me to top up. It's just something to keep in mind. One way of increasing the lasting power is by layering the scent, hence the body spray. The spray is a lot lighter, but if you spray a light bit on yourself then apply the EDT, it does work & last longer.

So...? Sexy is definitely a lot more grown up than some of the perfumes I had, but there's lots of choices if you're planning on picking them up as a present - I think my favourite used to be So...? Kiss Me, & I still rob some of my sisters occasionally. The 30ML fragrance is €8.49 in Boots, but the 50ML is currently on sale for only €6.49 so it's a good time to try it out! Plus it's a brand that constantly has miniature gift sets, etc.

Did you use So...? when you were growing up? Would you still use it?

Chloe x


MAC Satin Lipstick - Snob

So on one of my many, many trips through the airport recently, I decided I needed a nude lipstick for work. As much as I love neon pinks/ dark purples, they get overlooked when I'm working! I did think about Creme Cup, but I figured Snob was a bit more up my street.

The packaging is standard MAC - A black tube with silver writing. I'm not sure why I bother throwing in a photo of the packaging anymore, plus it's impossible to photograph! But anyway, I like it, I have a lipstick stand with little black tubes & it looks quite nice & organised!

MAC call Snob "a ladylike mauve". The bullet does look like a pinky mauve, but on the lips it's a lot pinker. It's quite warm toned & I do worry it might make teeth look a bit yellow. It still falls into the nude category for me though!

It's a satin finish, & I think it lasts about 5 hours. It's pretty opaque applied straight from the bullet, but it does settle into the lines on your lips a bit. I think satin might be my favourite finish - I don't find it drying, but it has good colour payoff and sticks around.

MAC lipsticks are not cheap at all, at about €19, but I've picked a few up in duty free & I'd rather buy one of their lipsticks that I loved the colour of, than two high street lipsticks. I can see myself wearing Snob quite a lot throughout the summer so I think it's worth it!

I'm so tannedddddd.... Despite the 28 degree sunshine, this is Cocoa Brown. #lifesaver

Chloe x


Sleek Celestial Palette

As much as I love a good nude palette (or ten, because I have a ridiculous amount), I've found myself buying more colourful palettes & eyeshadows recently. I actually got the Sleek Celestial palette for Christmas, but have only really started playing around with it in the last month or so, so it's time for a review!

Like all Sleek i-Divine palettes, this contains 12 1.1g eyeshadows. Plus, they all have names! (For anyone who doesn't compulsively buy palettes this isn't a problem... But there's only so many time you can mention 'That blue shade... Beside the purple.. On the bottom row?') It's the standard matte black case, which comes prepackaged in a cardboard case, and it has a big mirror in the lid. It also has a double ended sponge applicator which is probably now in my sister's art box. 

How pretty are all these colours? Or at least most of them. 
Solar has become one of my favourite shadows: It's a purple/pink with quite a bit of shimmer.
Astral Blue is a deep blue with tiny silver glimmer.
Aurora is a dark sea green & it's shimmer doesn't transfer to the skin much.
Galactic is one of the brightest silvers I've ever had - Stunning!
Earth Shine is a lovely blue navy without much shimmer.
Dark Matter is a shimmery black, but it comes out more of a dark grey.
Stargaze is a light matte lilac, which works nicely as a base shadow.
Saturn's Ring is gorgeous! It's a duo chrome purple with blue shimmer.
Meteoric is my favourite to use with Solar - It's a matte, rosy red, which I use in the crease.
Terrestrial is the big disappointment. It's a pale matte green that isn't very pigmented.
Lunar is like Saturn's Ring's little silvery sister. It's icy blue metallic.
And Eclipse is like a shimmery khaki - Sounds strange, but it's brilliant for a smokey eye.

The Sleek Celestial Palette costs €9.99 & can be found on Cloud10Beauty, or in selected Superdrugs. It's not something you need, & I'll always keep my nude palettes on hand but I'm delighted it's in my collection!

PS - How do other beauty bloggers take a photo of their eyes? It's IMPOSSIBLE.

What coloured eyeshadows do you love? 

Chloe x


May Wishlist

So it's been a while for a wishlist post too! But seeing as it's my birthday coming up, I've been thinking of all the lovely new things I would like.. :) I realised most of the things were quite similar but with different price tags so I turned it into a high end v high street wishlist!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta (£28) v Sleek Sweet Cheeks Blush (€12.99)

Real Techniques Core Collection (€24.99) v MUA Contour Brush (£3)

Urban Decay Electric Palette (€45) v Makeup Revolution Acid Brights (£4)

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light (€26.50) v ELF HD Powder (£6.95)

Origins Clear Improvement (€29) v Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed (€15)

So they're the latest products on my wishlist... Which of course, as ever, includes any MAC lipstick, YSL mascara, shopping vouchers or a holiday. Just in case anyone's feeling generous...

Have you tried any of the above?

Chloe x


Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

So, Chocolate Whip isn't exactly a new Cocoa Brown product but I've been so behind on blogging that I'm just getting around to review it now! And I still have their latest three products to write about, so keep an eye out!

Okay, so the basics - Chocolate Whip is a body moisturiser, made especially for tanning (though it can obviously used as normal too). You know when you read the back of your tan, and it says "Apply an oil-free moisturiser..." & you just kinda ignore it & rub whatever's handy into your dry patches? Well that was me, because I just didn't know of any oil free moisturisers! Moisturisers that contain oil will make your tan fade unevenly, so points to Cocoa Brown for bringing an oil free moisturiser to the masses!

Chocolate Whip comes in a similar tube to Tough Stuff, but it's white with pink accents (as you can clearly see). The product is brown, which is different to the white/ clear moisturisers I'm used to, so I think I expected a chocolatey smell, but it's scented with Cocoa Brown's signature Tahitian Gardenia Scent. The scent doesn't hang around too long, which doesn't bother me either way.

I think the best part of Chocolate Whip is the fact that it sinks in so quickly - I never moisturise in the morning, I do it after my night time shower so I don't have to get dressed, but if I was tanning last minute and needed to get rid of dry skin early in the day, I'm confident that I could get away with getting dressed straight away! Speaking of dry skin, all the above is no good if it doesn't actually moisturise the skin.. But no fear. Because it sinks in quickly, it doesn't spread as much as other moisturisers but a tube still lasts a reasonable amount of time.

When I'm home, I use Chocolate Whip three times a week or so, and then dab some on my knees, ankles, feet, wrists & elbows just before I tan. Right now, seeing as I only have the tubes I brought over with me, I've been sticking to using a normal moisturiser during the week, and keeping Chocolate Whip for before tanning & while wearing fake tan! No lie, one of the highlights of getting home will be a constant supply of Cocoa Brown products...

A 200ml tube of Chocolate Whip costs €5.99, and is available in Penneys, lots of pharmacies & on Feel Unique. So it won't break the bank and if you're in Ireland/ the UK, it's easy to pick up!

Have you tried Chocolate Whip? What do you think?

Chloe x


5 Things #13

I really need to get back into posting regularly - Fingers crossed this time, it happens!

5 Songs

Paolo Nutini - Better Man

Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn

Ellie Goulding - Beating Heart

Icona Pop - Ready For The Weekend

Faul Wad Ad vs Pnau - Changes

5 To Look At

  1. Starting off on a not so positive note, I was heart broken reading this column about a young man's suicide, less then 24 hours after leaving hospital. 
  2. I love the #irishbbloggers chats, and Kat from Dolly Rouge did a live stream during it! I was blown away with everything she knows & it's so helpful.
  3. There's a brand new budget make up brand out, & I really want to try a lot of things from Makeup Revolution... Especially the bright eye palettes for £4!
  4. But for every budget product, there's a high end one... Like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes! I love Radiant Magenta on Orla from Make Up Over Mind 
  5. I really enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street (all three hours) but the Honest Trailer is even better!

5 That Made Me Smile

After a bazillion years (honest), I got my laptop back! Whoo! They forgot to send my charger, but I'll take what I can get.

I had unreal cravings from a good Creme Egg this week, and woke up last Saturday to a package of chocolate from home.. I don't want to eat it because then it'll be gone though...

Last weekend, my three sisters were dancing in the Irish Dancing Irish Solos & I am now the proud older sister of two champions! They all placed & came home with medals, yay!

My laptop back meant I had to get cracking on my 25 page German essay. An all nighter on Monday meant I could go hand it in Tuesday & then go back to bed. The relief.

It's my birthday next week! Yay! I'm sad I won't be home, but it's my 21st, so excitement is settling in.

How're you?

Chloe x


Revlon Colorburst Balms - Showy, Elusive & Whimsical


I've seen loads of reviews on Revlon's latest lip offerings recently, and finally picked up the three that I thought I'd like, and wanted to show them off. (Because, you know, no-one I actually know in real life cares.) This meant two matte balms & one lacquer are now mine, for about €10 each I believe. I bought them in Shaws, who always have discounts on make up, but they're not TOO much more in Superdrug/ Boots.

Top to bottom - Showy, Elusive & Whimsical

The packaging is the same as the original Just Bitten balms (which I loved and keep meaning to dig out), except the matte balms have matte packaging & the lacquers are very glossy - I like the matte, though it cearly gets rubby quickly. Maybe that's just me & my bottomless bag though...

Showy, Elusive & Whimsical.

Showy is a matte blue toned pink. It's a bright one, but makes teeth a bit whiter & it;s one of those colours that really just wakes your face up! I'm a neon lip girl & I find it completely wearable. 
Elusive is a medium nude pink - I'm not really sure why I bought it, because I wouldn't usually bother with anything as normal. but it's become standard in my daily make up bag for work! 
On the other end of the scale, I thought Whimsical would be ideal for me, but even though I love the deep colour & the shimmer, I suppose I wish it wasn't so glossy. (I know, that's the point of being a lacquer. Just saying, I'd like a more opaque one.) But it is very pretty on the lips.

Bare lips, Showy, Elusive & Whimsical.

Like the original balms, both the lacquer & matte versions have a slightly minty scent. In terms of lasting power, the matte are obviously better, & I find they are still okay about 4 hours later (depending on what you've been doing), whereas the lacquer started to disappear after about an hour, particularly from the centre. I think I'm biased though, because the other colours I'm convinced I need are matte as well. (Shameless & Mischievous, just in case...)

So basically, I like these balms & if there's a colour calling your name, you may as well pick it up. (Especially if it's matte. I'll shut up now.)

Please let me know if you've tried any of the other shades - I need to reassure myself that it's okay to buy more!

Chloe x


Precious Polish - Very Lovely Stuff's Custom Polish


So, posting last month took a bit of a nose dive. But I'm making it up by talking about a gorgeous nail polish, which I think counts for something. Last year, Anita of The Beauty Spot entered the indie nail polish world, with the creation of Precious Polish. It was a brand I kept meaning to try, especially because I saw so many positive reviews, but I forgot, and then I was in Germany. So when I came home, getting a nail polish was on my list!

After seeing Anita's Bloggers Collection, I decided I wanted a polish that was unique to me. I asked for a base of Blowing Raspberries (a pink), with orange glitter. Pink & orange are two of my favourite nail colours, & orange glitters aren't common, so I thought it was worth a try! A base colour with one glitter costs €8, which is more than reasonable.

The bottles are nice & sturdy.. I sent mine flying 
across a room (accident) & it was safe!

I'm not sure of exact delivery time, because I wasn't at home, but they did arrive within a week, and delivery is included in the cost. They arrived well packaged (I ordered another two polishes for friends) and I couldn't wait to try out my polish! The first coat was very sheer & I did worry slightly that I'd end up needing loads of coats & it'd just be thick & gloopy because of the glitter, but another coat gave me perfect colour. (It did still photograph a bit sheer though, so a third coat for some colours might be necessary).

Just to note - I was left with a rough nail, but a top coat should sort it, 
I know a lot of people prefer smooth nails!

I know the combination won't be too everyone's taste, but I really like it! The glitter is a golden-orange more than a brought orange, which worked well with the rich pink. Together, I think they're actually a bit Barbie-ish? (Which is not a problem for me!) It lasted really well, with only tip wear for five days, then I started picking at it in work, My photos were actually taken on the third day because the sun came out, so you can see it still looked pretty fresh!

As I said above, I ordered another two polishes, because two of my friends had 21sts coming up, but I forgot to give them their custom polishes... Smart. Hopefully I'll remember soon & I can get a photo of their polishes to show you! Getting a polish made for someone is a really nice idea - Mother's Day present maybe?

What do you think of the colours?



Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin

Today, you can check me out over on CherrySue Doin' The Do, talking about Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara. I can't say I loved it, so to counteract that, I decided I should post about a new Maybelline lipstick that I picked up. (That's a lie - I picked up two shades..I can just never say no!)

The Boots website says "Color Sensational Lipcolor hydrates lips whilst delivering bright, rich, pigment- saturated coverage." The packaging is attractive, it's a plastic lid that corresponds with the lipstick colour, and it's squared off, while the base is silver. And shiny. While I like sleek black tubes, etc, they get a bit boring & these are much more attractive in my lovely new make up holders.

So Vibrant Mandarin sounds orange, but to me it's more of an orange toned red. Seeing as orange lipstick scares me, it's a good way to start dipping my toes in the water! It is a beautiful shade, & lives up to its name, coz this is vibrant with a capital V.

On the lips (as opposed to anywhere else you'd put your lipstick), it's smooth & incredibly pigmented. One coat gives full opacity, but because it's so smooth & slightly glossy, it's a terror for bleeding & smudging. I rubbed a spot near my mouth & had beautifully stained fingers to match the smudge down my chin. Similarly, as with any glossy lipstick, it will start to fade quicker than a matte - Though I found it didn't seem to transfer to my glass, so a bonus point for that. 

I really like this release from Maybelline - I go weak at the knees for bright lips, but it's nice to get one that a) isn't matte & b) doesn't highlight every dry patch. I haven't found the purple shades but when I do, they will be mine! Until then, I'll wear Vibrant Mandarin & see if I can work up the courage to try Electric Orange.  Colour Sensational Vivid Lipsticks cost €9.99, which I'm happy to pay & are available widely!

Have you picked up any of this range? What do you think of orange lips?

Chloe xx



All day, I've been seeing 'January' favourites posts, then I saw Karen's sum up on January, and decided I quite liked that idea! So to borrow an idea from one of my favourite bloggers, here's how my January went.

  • I managed to post 14 times, which is (almost) every second day, which I'm happy with! I really need to start organising my time a little bit better & typing up blog posts/ editing photos instead of sitting around watching crap TV.

  • Speaking of which, I've watched many, many films & a lot of TV this month. The Help, Wolf of Wall Street, Definitely Maybe, the first seven Harry Potters, Scooby Doo, Tommy Tiernan: Something Mental, not to mention Dancing on ICE, The Voice of Ireland, Splash, AND Operation Transformation. What can I say, it's exam time.

  • I got back to Germany on the 5th of January, in a flurry of tears & sad goodbyes, but I also booked my tickets home for my semester break & managed to settle in a bit better.

  • I became obsessed with getting rid of blackheads - Thermal masks, steaming, extractions, the works. Today I bought a blackhead remover & plan on trying out Una Brennan's Clay Mask when I get home, after Twitter recommendations. 

  • I bleached my hair again! No joke, I had dark hair for all of a month and it annoyed me so much. I am now white blonde again, with plans to have pink, purple, & blue ombre (once my orals are done.)

  • I started the month commenting on as many blogs as possible, but that's fallen by the wayside a bit now that I'm studying flat out. But I'm determined that by this time next week I'll be back in the swing of things, especially after this post on Make Up Monster about supporting Irish bloggers, & now that there's a dedicated Twitter account!

  • I went for an amazing Mexican meal with my boyfriend, but my starter of nachos filled me up so much that I could barely even start of my quesadilla. The pitcher of margaritas helped though.

  • I cried over the fact that a lot of music acts I LOVE (Ellie Goulding, Jake Bugg, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Arctic Monkeys, Kodaline, Kings of Leon) are playing Marlay Park this July & I most likely won't be home for any of them. It hurts.

How was your January? Other than being the longest month EVER!

Chloe x


5 Things #12

5 Songs

Haim - Falling

Foals - My Number

John Newman - Losing Sleep

Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

Walking On Cars - Tick Tock

5 To Look At

I won't lie, I may have sent a few Snapchats of me as Snow White to various people. No-one seemed impressed.

Exam time equals 3 times more films than usual & my favourite recently was Wolf of Wall Street. Leo is MAGNIFICENT.

I know, I know, I'm immature. But seeing Taylor Swift being kicked at the Grammy's made my day.

Maybe everyone hates the thought of VDay so early, but hey ho, these puns made me chortle. (I will be spending Valentine's alone, probably in work. I'm sending a card to myself.

Photoshop is one of the most talked about things these days - I won't lie, I occasionaly edit my photos when my nail polish is all around my nails, or to add my text etc. But this music video shows the transformation happening. (I don't understand it either)

5 That Made Me Smile

I found these gorgeous Converse reduced on Asos, mulled it over, decided I wanted them.. And they were gone! Off I went in a mood, but on return my friend told me they were back in a six. Hopefully my 6 & 1/2 feet will squeeze!

I'm currently doing my exams for Semester 1 of Erasmus, & I've two down, two to go. I'm dreading the final two but one has already gone really well!

I couldn't help but laugh at this tweet from a police station... Imagine coming out of Miss Selfridge & finding everyone else was gone home!

I'm not actually going, but like half the country I was up to get Garth Brooks' tickets, for my parents. They have been bought, but I've told my mum I couldn't get them - It's her birthday present.

Speaking of my mum, I will be seeing her in one week & one day... Plane tickets are booked! (I'll see the rest of my family too, obviously.) 

How was your week?
Chloe x


Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomengranate

First up, if you think there'll be photos of this actually on my eyes, go away. I spent FORTY FIVE MINUTES trying to get a photo of this at work.. They all left me looking like I had the eyelids of a 90 year old or a severe eye infection. But I promise, Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate is actually nice.. In real life anyway. 

The story behind this is that I bought a variety of Colour Tattoos before I went to a festival last year, figuring they'd be handy to just smear on my eyelids (They were.) Back to reality, & I realised as hard as I tried, bright blue & purple eyelids weren't going to take me far. So I picked up a few more wearable colours, like Metallic Pomegranate. (It's a serious effort writing that just so you know.)

The colour tattoos are housed in a clear glass jar, with a black & coloured lid that corresponds with the colour inside. Handy until you realise you put the wrong lids on the wrong pots & your lovely white highlight is actually now cranberry & you look like you have a bruised eye.. But anyway.

Metallic Pomegranate is a cranberry coloured creamy shadow, with little flecks of gold shimmer. It's soft & easy to work with, plus it can be patted onto your lid or built up for intense colour. They also work as excellent bases for powder eyeshadows - I've been putting this under a shimmery cranberry colour from the Sleek Celestial palette & it keeps it perfect throughout the day. They can also of course be worn alone, but be careful, especially if you have oily eyelids - Primer is needed, or they will crease a tad & start to fade. It's not very pretty.

It is red-toned, but not overly so - It's more of a purple-red-brown. I know, I'm killing it with descriptions today. My point is, it's actually really wearable! Especially when you want a bit of a smoky eye that's not just blacks & silver.

Even if Metallic Pomegranate isn't your colour, I recommend checking the range out if you haven't already - I have about seven at this stage & use them regularly! They cost €10.49 in Boots, but are often on 3-for-2 offers etc.

Chloe x


Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 09 Wear Berries!

A few months ago, I picked up another of Essence's Long Lasting Lipsticks & was impressed, big time. I mentioned that I wanted to try out a few other shades, & for €2.49, it would be rude not to buy another. Or another three. But today, I'm going to show you the one that's taking up space in my bag for the last while.

Wear Berries is a pinky-purple shade. At first glance, I thought maybe it was similar to MAC's Up The Amp, but it's definitely a lot pinker. In the bullet, it's a deep berry shade, but swatched, it's quite a bit lighter. And, just to say it again, pinker.

I actually cannot deny how well these lipsticks apply - They're so creamy, & do not dry my lips out in the slightest. There's a slight sheen to them, but they're not glossy at all - Just very creamy and smooth! I'm not sure about the long lasting claims though - Three hours later or so, & my lips sport a barely there berry stain, but wear time isn't that impressive. However it does fade very evenly, & I find that it's a colour I have no problem applying on the go because it's not too bright or dark. 

I did originally think that Wear Berries was going to be a real winter shade (it's snowing here, winter shades are still appropriate) but it's definitely an all-round kind of lipstick - It translates to a deep but natural colour on the lips. I wore it to my oral exam yesterday & that went well, so I'm putting it down to the lipstick. And using it as an excuse to go buy every other colour.

Do you like purple toned lipsticks?

Chloe x


Lancome Vernis in Love Nail Polish: 179M Madame Tulipe

Sorry for the lack of posts this week (All last weekends were scheduled!), I had an exam yesterday morning that required some serious last minute cramming.. Right up to 5AM yesterday morning. Stress like that requires a treat, right? So enter my first high-end polish - Lancome's Vernis in Love. 

The bottle is sturdy, with a nice glass bottle & glossy black lid, and the Lancome rose printed on the bottle. I spent ages looking through the colours - When a nail polish is €18, you want to love it! I'm lacking in red polishes, so this deep red stood out to me. 

No joke, one coat is all it took for some serious colour & shine. I was impressed! I ended up adding a second coat though, just for longevity. The colour didn't change at all, so if you're in a rush, you can definitely do a quick coat & run. Sounds all good, right? It was.. Until the next day. Forget the extra coat for longevity, you'd need Superglue to keep this on your nails. In fairness, I can't be bothered with a topcoat because I'm always changing my nail polish, but I still don't expect massive chips the next day.

I won't lie, the chipping after paying that price puts me off buying another shade. I do still love the colour, & ended up taking it off to re-apply it, but it's not something I'm going to turn to when I'm rowing or in work.. My nails would be bare after 10 minutes. However I've just picked up a top coat (first time for everything) so hopefully that'll help, seeing as I've bought it.

In general though, I'd sadly avoid Lancome's nail polish. I'd rather just pay €2 or less for an Essence polish! Does this mean I can buy something else as an exam treat...?

Have you tried any Lancome polishes? Or have there been any other brands that have really disappointed you?

Chloe x

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