June Favourites

This is my first ever favourites post - These are all the products I've been loving recently!

Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan
I put off trying this out, because I just loved Cocoa Brown's One Hour Tan, & figured I wouldn't prefer this. But um.. I love them both equally now. I promise to fully review this, but for now - Favourite instant tan.

MUFE HD Foundation 
This is 100% my 'going out' foundation. It matches my tan & makes my skin look flawless. My only regret is that I don't have it in a colour that matches my skin, because it's deadly.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle
I got this perfume at Christmas & wore it daily. After moving back home, it ended up in a box, & only came back out last week. Four people asked me in one day what I was wearing. I love it.

MUFE Lift Concealer
Lots of work, late nights & early mornings = Horrible dark shadows under my eyes. This covers them better than any other concealer, but doesn't look fake. It's nice, natural, & it works.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara
When I get up early, I find it really hard to do a full face of make up, so once my eyes are defined, I'm happy. All I need is a quick brush through my lashes, & my eyes are so much bigger.

ELF Studio Powder Brush
I have at least six foundation brushes. But it's this (very cheap) one that I keep coming back to, when I went a beautiful finish. It buffs foundation in to give an air-brushed look (especially when combined with my MUFE foundation!)

Have you used any of these? What are your recent favourites?

Chloe x

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Maybelline Volum Express The Rocket Mascara

I don't know if you can tell from all my wittering on.. But I LOVE mascara. If I ran out of everything, mascara would be my first repurchase because I have no eyelashes, just a few invisible hairs somewhere around my eye.

 I love the bright tube. The brush is also one of my favourites.

One of my favourites was Maybelline The Falsies, but I find it far too hard to repurchase a product, so I ended up slipping The Rocket into my bag. (After paying for it, obviously.) In fairness, the bright blue & pink packaging is so bright that everyone's eyes are on it! I'm a big fan of the packaging, and while the brush isn't anything new, I do like big, spiky brushes because they are ideal for getting in at lashes & zig-zagging.

Eh, hello eyelashes. I didn't realise you existed. This is with a quick two coats.

Add to that, the formula is proper black & it should be a-may-zing, right? That's not even a trick question, because it's beyond amazing. I text several people to express my delight at my lashes, & also fluttered them like crazy when in the presence of anyone I thought might appreciate them. (It worked.)

Now, I clearly am head-over-heels for The Rocket, but just to warn you - I like A LOT of volume, with as much length as possible added in. This means I can deal with clumps. I can't say I've had to cope with too many clumps, but they are possible, at least if you throw on a few coats, like I tend to. No matter how many coats though, I haven't managed to smudge it, & there's been no flaking.

Not gonna lie, this photo scares me a bit. Like, one intense eye, one un-defined eye.

So, if you're looking for dark, thick lashes, €11.99 (or so) in Boots, Superdrug, Sam McCauleys etc will make you happy.

And just a normal one coat of mascara, going around day-to-day.

What's your favourite brand for mascara?
Chloe x


Sunday Samples #3

Technically, this is still a Sunday sample, because it's before midnight. That's how desperate I am to tell you about one of my favourite samples EVER.

Around my birthday, Sam McCauley's in the town I work in had a relaunch, & so, when you spent a certain amount on Clinique, you get a free gift. One of the free things (I LOVE FREE THINGS) was Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. Clinique call it a cream/gel that will plump skin with hydration. I have combination skin that's mostly dry, rather than oily, so I always appreciate some extra moisture. Was this good enough?

Well, I've kinda already said it's one of my favourite things, so in a nutshell: yes. It's insanely light on my skin, but my face feels soft & hydrated instantly. Honestly, I don't use it every morning, but if I haven't taken off my make up properly/ used a night cream, or have used a face wash after the gym, this goes straight on. My skin doesn't feel dry or tight until late at night when I've taken my make up back off, before re-moisturising so it definitely lasts! Also, it doesn't irritate my skin at all (While not overly sensitive, it will go bright red very easily.) so I can put it on & leave without make up, or put make up over it.

My sample is 15ml, & it looks like I've barely used any - you only need a small dot onto each area of your face, & you're good to go. A full sized pot contains 50ml, but because it's going to last so long, the €43.50 price tag doesn't seem quite so bad. (I actually really like the sample pot, because it's the perfect size for throwing into a make up bag that comes to the gym with me.) I won't say I'll be repurchasing the second it runs out, but I probably will buy it, & maybe transfer some of the full size container into the sample, because I just love having it in my bag.

This is not something I would have tried out myself, & that is exactly why I love samples & gifts with purchase - So many new things to play with!

What moisturiser are you using?
Chloe x


5 Things #4

5 Songs 

  1. Kodaline - Love Like This
  2. Bastille - Bad Blood
  3. Original Rudeboys - Live Your Life
  4. Hudson Taylor - Cinematic Lifestyle
  5. Paddy Casey - Saints & Sinners 

5 To Look At
  1. 16 Profound Quotes from Disney movies is sweet, but it just reminds me that I used to watch the knock off versions of Disney movies. 
  2. This article absolutely sickens me at the lack of justice for rape victims. And makes me want to do something about it.
  3. Suzy from Glamour & Go compiled a massive, must-click-on-every-link list of Irish bloggers. Reading material is sorted.
  4. Mean Gurlz. That is not a typo, this is lol-tastic.
  5. Ahahahaha. I am not a massive Rihanna fan, but either way, love the actions of someone in Dublin.

5 Things That Made Me Smile
  1. When bad accessories happen to good people. Like the silver gypsy belt I used to wear daily that was far too big for me.
  2. A picture of a bunny wearing bunny slippers? I want it as my screensaver.
  3. My mother's favourite rant - "You're making a show of me." I'd say I heard all other 10 phrases many a time too.
  4. My music choices this week have a theme - All the acts are playing at Indiependence, which I am going to! Whoo!
  5. My bee-yoo-tiful laptop arrived Monday so I AM BACK!
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