Revlon Colorburst Balms - Showy, Elusive & Whimsical


I've seen loads of reviews on Revlon's latest lip offerings recently, and finally picked up the three that I thought I'd like, and wanted to show them off. (Because, you know, no-one I actually know in real life cares.) This meant two matte balms & one lacquer are now mine, for about €10 each I believe. I bought them in Shaws, who always have discounts on make up, but they're not TOO much more in Superdrug/ Boots.

Top to bottom - Showy, Elusive & Whimsical

The packaging is the same as the original Just Bitten balms (which I loved and keep meaning to dig out), except the matte balms have matte packaging & the lacquers are very glossy - I like the matte, though it cearly gets rubby quickly. Maybe that's just me & my bottomless bag though...

Showy, Elusive & Whimsical.

Showy is a matte blue toned pink. It's a bright one, but makes teeth a bit whiter & it;s one of those colours that really just wakes your face up! I'm a neon lip girl & I find it completely wearable. 
Elusive is a medium nude pink - I'm not really sure why I bought it, because I wouldn't usually bother with anything as normal. but it's become standard in my daily make up bag for work! 
On the other end of the scale, I thought Whimsical would be ideal for me, but even though I love the deep colour & the shimmer, I suppose I wish it wasn't so glossy. (I know, that's the point of being a lacquer. Just saying, I'd like a more opaque one.) But it is very pretty on the lips.

Bare lips, Showy, Elusive & Whimsical.

Like the original balms, both the lacquer & matte versions have a slightly minty scent. In terms of lasting power, the matte are obviously better, & I find they are still okay about 4 hours later (depending on what you've been doing), whereas the lacquer started to disappear after about an hour, particularly from the centre. I think I'm biased though, because the other colours I'm convinced I need are matte as well. (Shameless & Mischievous, just in case...)

So basically, I like these balms & if there's a colour calling your name, you may as well pick it up. (Especially if it's matte. I'll shut up now.)

Please let me know if you've tried any of the other shades - I need to reassure myself that it's okay to buy more!

Chloe x


Precious Polish - Very Lovely Stuff's Custom Polish


So, posting last month took a bit of a nose dive. But I'm making it up by talking about a gorgeous nail polish, which I think counts for something. Last year, Anita of The Beauty Spot entered the indie nail polish world, with the creation of Precious Polish. It was a brand I kept meaning to try, especially because I saw so many positive reviews, but I forgot, and then I was in Germany. So when I came home, getting a nail polish was on my list!

After seeing Anita's Bloggers Collection, I decided I wanted a polish that was unique to me. I asked for a base of Blowing Raspberries (a pink), with orange glitter. Pink & orange are two of my favourite nail colours, & orange glitters aren't common, so I thought it was worth a try! A base colour with one glitter costs €8, which is more than reasonable.

The bottles are nice & sturdy.. I sent mine flying 
across a room (accident) & it was safe!

I'm not sure of exact delivery time, because I wasn't at home, but they did arrive within a week, and delivery is included in the cost. They arrived well packaged (I ordered another two polishes for friends) and I couldn't wait to try out my polish! The first coat was very sheer & I did worry slightly that I'd end up needing loads of coats & it'd just be thick & gloopy because of the glitter, but another coat gave me perfect colour. (It did still photograph a bit sheer though, so a third coat for some colours might be necessary).

Just to note - I was left with a rough nail, but a top coat should sort it, 
I know a lot of people prefer smooth nails!

I know the combination won't be too everyone's taste, but I really like it! The glitter is a golden-orange more than a brought orange, which worked well with the rich pink. Together, I think they're actually a bit Barbie-ish? (Which is not a problem for me!) It lasted really well, with only tip wear for five days, then I started picking at it in work, My photos were actually taken on the third day because the sun came out, so you can see it still looked pretty fresh!

As I said above, I ordered another two polishes, because two of my friends had 21sts coming up, but I forgot to give them their custom polishes... Smart. Hopefully I'll remember soon & I can get a photo of their polishes to show you! Getting a polish made for someone is a really nice idea - Mother's Day present maybe?

What do you think of the colours?


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