Thin Thursday #4

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I don't really know where to go with this post - I weighed myself today & was told I've put on yet more weight. However the machine also added a good two inches to my height, so I'm very confused.

I think it highlights the importance of weighing yourself properly - Once a week, on the same day, at the same time, & in the same clothes. I usually try use my Wii Fit to weight myself but it's been out of batteries recently, so I used a machine in a pharmacy. And I don't know whether to trust them!

I mean, I had a good week. Weetabix for breakfast (I usually skip breakfast or worse, grab a cereal bar or something & run out the door), a wrap/ salad/ soup & sandwich for lunch, and stir fry/ pasta for dinner. No snacks during my tea break, just fruit tea, and I have had a treat in the evening. Coupled with a walk at lunch time & another in the evening, and I am getting downhearted.

If I'm honest, I am at the stage where I feel like it's worth my while going to the doctor. I'm constantly tired & when I'm actively trying to lose weight but putting it on, I just think she might be able to help!

Have you ever had confusion about weight loss etc? Feel free to comment!
Chloe x



Hey everyone!

I received a NIMA Mitt about six weeks ago & have been using it religiously since then, to give the best review possible. The mitt is used for removing make up, without using any cleanser.

Originally, I was slightly confused - How could I take off my daily make up just using a mitt? I wasn't the only one. My friend asked what the difference between this & a face cloth was. There's a big difference!

The NIMA Mitt is a pink mitt made of microfibres. By just running it under warm water, you can remove make up quickly & easily. Just rub it over your face & you can see the residue on the mitt. Plus, it desn't hesitate to tackle eye make up! I wear heavy eyeliner and have no problems taking it off. It does take slightly longer than using a remover, because you're not breaking down the make up, but it doesn't tug at the eye area.
Before & after use.

In addition, the microfibres give your skin a light exfoliation, without irritating it. I now use my NIMA Mitt during the week & switch to a cream cleanser at the weekend. I use a n exfoliator at the weekend but that's sufficient. Because I'm using less products, I find my skin is much better behaved!

To clean the mitt, just rub a bar of soap against it, rub it together & rinse. It has a little loop of ribbon, so I hang it on my window to dry. It is important to follow cleaning instructions - I had no soap one night & used baby shampoo since I use that for brushes, but it stayed grubby.

The NIMA Mitt costs €12.95 & is available online.

How do you remove make up?
Chloe x


MAC Archie's Girls in Daddy's Little Girl

Hi girls!

Well, like I said on Saturday, here is the other lipstick I picked up from MAC's latest collection. Veronica's 'Daddy's Little Girl' is a 'mid-tone pink violet satin' lipstick.

The bullet looks really purple!

It's definitely opaque, and comes up as quite a bright deep pink, with blue undertones. The satin finish wasn't drying, and lasted as I gobbled down my dinner so you won't need to constantly re-apply it! It also didn't seem to stain glasses, etc as much as other lipsticks and as it faded, it was even & just ended up looking like a stain after a few hours.
Without flash - With flash

I love pinky purple lips, so this is right up my street. Even though it's quite bright, I feel more confident with shades like this than paler ones! It's not neon, but with a few coats, it does stand out.
On pale skin

Daddy's Little Girl is €19.50, in Brown Thomas.

Which colour do you prefer? 

Chloe x


MAC Archie's Girls - Betty Bright

Hello lovelies!

I'm not usually a big MAC fan, but I was actually really excited by their latest collection, Archie's Girls. Yes, the entirety of the blogging world seems to find it tacky but I'm a lover of tack. Enter, my first two MAC lipsticks.
I think the packaging is adorable!

I was instantly attracted to Veronica's colours, being a big deep pink/purple girl when it comes to my lips. But I decided to show you a lipstick I wouldn't normally go for first - Betty Bright is a 'light vibrant peach with a satin finish'.

Without flash - With flash

It is slightly peach, but I'd describe it more as a coral. It's a bit of a chameleon - It seems to go between looking more orange to a bit pinker, but either way, it's still relatively bright. Definitely a coming-into-Spring colour! It's pretty opaque after two coats & doesn't dry my lips out at all. However, it did cling to a few dry patches. It lasted nicely & wore off evenly, but I noticed that it completely covered my water bottle, glass, etc so you have to be careful.
How it looks with my pale skin-tone 

Overall, I do like the colour, as an initial foray into warmer-toned pinks. However I'm still really excited to show off the other colour I picked up! Betty Bright cost €19.50 and is available in Brown Thomas.

Did you pick up any of the Archie's Girls products? Link me if so!

Chloe x


Revlon Colourstay in Ivory

Hey girls

I decided it was time to dedicate a post to one of my old reliable products - Revlon Colourstay Foundation. I'm pretty sure it may be the first foundation I found that actually matched my skin tone. (See the lovely blue tinge off my face below?) The shade Ivory is a beautifully cool, pale colour.

My skin is dry/combination but I accidentally picked up the oily/combination formula. I have no regrets though - It lasts all day but doesn't cling to my dry patches. Applied too heavily, it can get a tiny bit cakey but if it's buffed into skin properly, it will give you beautiful skin. I don't usually require full coverage but if my skin looks more red than usual, or I just know that I won't be touching up too much, this foundation is a saviour. I apply it with my ELF Studio Powder Brush & buff it in to give a lighter, even coverage.

My skin without make up - With just foundation

It comes in at around €19 in Boots/ Superdrug for the standard 30ml of product. Not exactly cheap, but probably one of the cheapest options you'll get for pale skin without hitting up high end brands. My two complaints? I'm not a fan of the smell. But it doesn't linger. Also, the lack of a pump means I regularly pour out WAY too much on the back of my hand.. It really annoys me!

No make up - Foundation - Full make up

But hey, I can deal with those two things. I know I'll be picking this up when I run out!

Have you tried Revlon foundations? What did you think?

Chloe x


Thin Thursday #3


I skipped my post last Thursday because I wasn't feeling up to it, so this one might stretch out a bit.
After my last post, which turned into a pit of a rant, I put on weight (Shocker.) But the big thing was, I was literally the heaviest I have ever been. Only by two pounds, but it brought me up into a new number that I have never seen on the scales. I weighed myself in Boots & spent the next hour wandering around town, trying not to cry.

I am trying to focus on my fitness & overall health rather than weight, & I know that muscle weighs more than fat. Visually, I don't really look like I've put on weight, & my clothes aren't any tighter. The main indicator for me is that my bra still fits. So I don't know why I'm getting so upset about a number on the scales.

I know that if I exercise (even just walking to college), I have more lee-way on what I eat & honestly I would rather relax and manage to have meals out, or a night in without fretting about it. I have a week off from college next week and I'll be working all week, leaving me with no time for snacks - I'm usually so wrecked that I hit the hay early too so no late night snacks! If I fit in a walk every day, I'll be happy & then I can come back to college with more structure & motivation.

How're you getting on with exercise/eating?

Chloe x


Catrice It's All I Can Blue

Hello girls!

Apologies for a bit of absence this week, (though I did contribute to the lovely Aoife's blog during the week, with a joint post on the style at the IFTAs.) while I'm definitely not as stressed as last week, my memory card decided not to save the photos I took for the blog this week & I just didn't have time to get around to re-do them. But I really wanted to share this with you!

You may have heard that Catrice are 're-formulating' their nail polishes. While I'm devastated that some colours might disappear, it does mean that they've reduced some polishes to half-price. So if you want to pick up this colour for 1.29.. Get moving!

It's All I Can Blue is a true cornflower blue. I usually like bright shades, but figured I may as well use the saving on polishes to pick up some colours that are a bit more muted. It did take three coats to completely get rid of any streaks, but my picture shows four coats because I managed to smudge my nails eating popcorn (as I painted them.. I have no patience!)

Because of the afore-mentioned camera troubles, this was taken after four days of wear. A bit of tip-wear, but it lasted well, especially seeing as there was no top coat. It's reasonably shiny on its own as well.

My verdict? A colour I don't already own (for once) and definitely worth the price, so pick it up at your local stockist before it's gone! Just to note, Penneys don't seem to have it reduced, but Sam McCauley's & independent chemists do.

Which Catrice shades will you miss?
Chloe x


Stila Black Cherry

Hi guys!

Last Friday I showed you all the Stila Lip Glaze set I picked up, with promises of individual swatches. So first up, the shade that really appealed to me: Black Cherry. I've wanted to try out some new, deeper shades for my lips and what better way to start than with a lipgloss?

Black Cherry is second from left.

Applied on its own, Black Cherry adds a berry tinge to the lips, or can darker up any lipstick. Wear time is average - It lasts for a few hours depending on what you're putting it through! I have found it to be a little sticky though, though nothing near the stickyness of something like Soap & Glory Motherpucker.
Adds a dark tinge to lips.

Not too obvious on the face.

Black Cherry is a permanent shade of Lip Glaze so you can pick it up from any stockist; such as Harvey Nichols or online, for around €13.50. Maybe a little expensive but there's always deals to be had!

Do you prefer dark, bright or neutral colours?
Chloe x


Stila All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set

Hello girls,

Last week I was browsing Asos & this Stila set caught my eye. I hadn't tried anything from Stila and eight lip glazes for under €15? Bargain.

(L-R) Jack Frost* / Jingle* / Holly* / Jolly* / Joy* / Splendour* / Black Cherry / Sugar Plum 
Those marked with * are Limited Edition.

Swatched in the same order.

I'll be back with lip swatches & reviews of the individual shades soon, but I just wanted to let you guys know about this deal - It's out of stock on Asos, but still available here for £12.95.

What do you think of Stila?
Chloe x


Thin Thursday #2

Well lovelies, not much to report this week. At least - not much positive. Weighing myself last weekend, I could see that I'd dropped the few pounds that are continuously disappearing then popping back up (they're like a really annoying ex boyfriend or friend - You THINK they're gone. You relax. You buy something to celebrate. And then they decide to re-enter your life.)

Even though I expected them to go away once I quit the junk food, any bit of positivity at the start is so motivational. I was delighted, even managed to keep up the 30 Day Shred. And then, disaster struck. I'm the first to admit that when I get busy/ stressed, my diet suffers. It's so much easier to grab a roll & tea in college than make lunch, or to eat out with friends instead of cooking for one. This week, I've been struggling to get some college work done. I have an essay due tomorrow, and it's just a disaster. I had been working away on it, saving all my research & typing on my laptop when, BANG. My hard-drive decided to fail. So, I figured I could do everything manually. Just write everything with pen & paper, then type it up when it was finished. I didn't plan on a litre of milk bursting in my bag & soaking all my work. AGHHHH!

The point is - I've been sitting on my bed the last few days & nights, trying to re-do my essay. And to keep my energy up, I've stupidly been munching away on chocolate & sweets. Even when doing the work with one of my friends, I had to make sure I had snacks. Before I leave college to come home, I've just been grabbing food that looks like it'll fill me up. So this week has been a bit of a fail in terms of exercise & food. 

Vegetarian diablo - Healthy but a massive portion & too much cheese.

Grilled chicken ciabatta - Again, not unhealthy but I don't usually eat chips & I ate past the point of feeling full.

My goal for next week? Come up with recipes that are easy & quick to cook, that I can make when I'm busy without compromising on nutrition. Because this is what my bed looks like at the moment:

Yep - Tortilla chips, wine gums, chocolate.. And a mess of notes.

Apologies for the long, ranty post but at least I know now what I need to specifically focus on - Eating healthier, & not giving into stress!

Do you let lack of time, & stress affect your diet?

Chloe x


My kind of nude.

Hey girls,

I don't know if anyone else feels like this, but I get so bored of nude nail polishes. I know they look understated and elegant, but I'm always dying for a bit of glitter or nail art. And last week, I found my perfect combination.

Sally Hansen 220 Cafe Au Lait is a beautiful, creamy polish that's just a bit deeper than my natural nails. I was getting a bit restless with the classiness of my nails after just a day, so I rooted through my topcoats & found one of my favourites - Catrice Have An Ice Day. It's a silvery-looking polish, but has flecks of green, orange, gold, purple, blue.. It genuinely twinkles. Together, I had a lovely manicure, that still sparkled enough to amuse me. (Not that it takes much!)

Look at all the micro glitter!

What's your opinion? Are you a fan of nudes or are they just boring?

Chloe x


50 Facts About Me

Well, I've seen this post floating around many blogs, so since I forgot my camera this weekend, I decided to see how many facts I could come up with!

  1. I don't have a middle name.
  2. My favourite films are Irish ones - The Magdalene Sisters, What Richard Did, Kisses, War of the Buttons, etc. 
  3. I used to get really bad nose bleeds most days, which could last 3 hours.
  4. I have named most of our family cars, but haven't come up with a name for the latest car that my dad & I share.
  5. My favourite books to read or films to watch are ones that I've already read or watched.
  6. This Valentine's Day will be my first one single in five years, & I'm delighted! 
  7. I order the same thing in a Chinese every time - Beef in Green Pepper & Blackbean Sauce, with egg fried rice.
  8. I like nail polishes that have a creme finish.
  9. I am very sarcastic.
  10. I love the adrenaline rush of going on rollercoasters & other rides.
  11. I can't deal with people telling me they love me, unless it's my sisters, or one of my friends throwing in 'love you' at the end of a text.
  12. I love rowing & coxing during the summer, to the point that one of the reasons I stay at home during holidays is to stay involved.
  13. I am terrified of hurting people's feelings.
  14. I have had a cat, a dog, & numerous fish but I'm not really an animal person.
  15. My biggest phobia is of the dentist. I have to cut my nails short before going in, because I leave cuts on my palms otherwise!
  16. I love reading people's psychic stories.
  17. Some days I barely eat, and then I eat far too much other days.
  18. I tend to get on really well with guys, but am much closer to a few of my female friends.
  19. I had a massive collection of Barbies, & my sisters ruined them all. I'm still holding it against them!
  20. I wasn't invited to my parent's wedding - They left me at home because I was only one.
  21. I'm currently really confused about guys. I don't like commitment. 
  22. I have really awful eye sight. I literally can't see without my glasses or contacts.
  23. I will happily stay in my room alone unless someone comes to talk to me.
  24. I have a pitiful love for One Direction.
  25. I can honestly say that there is nothing that I regret. If I ever feel bad about something, I accept that in time, I will get over it & understand it.
  26. I cannot stand girls calling other girls sluts, etc for kissing a guy, having a one-night stand, or whatever. It's their choice, not yours.
  27. For the most part, I believe that people should be allowed to do what they want, as long as it does not hurt someone else.
  28. I love to walk home after a night out, rather than go to a chipper.
  29. The only TV show I'm currently watching as it airs is Pretty Little Liars.
  30. I used to think I wanted to move abroad, but now I think I'd miss everything about home.
  31. A boy with a good Irish country accent (Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim) will have me smiling. 
  32. I broke my leg in 3 places & was on crutches for 6 months just by tripping in PE.
  33. I am most self-conscious about my stomach & my teeth.
  34. I have two tattoos planned.                             
  35. I love fairy lights & candles.
  36. My hair has been red, black, light brown, dark brown, blonde, pink, and many shades in between.
  37. I find it really hard to focus & get bored easily - Hence changing my hair & not being able to sit through a film.
  38. If I don't know how to deal with something, I try to ignore it until it goes away.
  39. I always wanted a big brother, for (a) his goodlooking friends & (b) the idea of someone being there to stand up for me.
  40. I have been told by friends, & guys, that I'm 'scary' & that they think I could beat them up. I need to stop that!
  41. My drink of choice is vodka with A LOT of orange juice.
  42. In fourth year in school, I had etiquette classes & I think everyone should do them.
  43. I hate soccer but love gaelic football & hurling.
  44. I was awfully shy until I was about fifteen, when I became comfortable around people.
  45. I love mixing microwave popcorn with crunchy M&Ms.
  46. I'm a bit of a daddy's girl.
  47. I prefer getting vouchers or money as a present, so I can choose what I would like, so people aren't wasting their money on me!
  48. My 'breakfast roll' consists of just sausage & brown sauce.
  49. At the minute, I have a new tooth growing, which I presume is a wisdom tooth.
  50. On Friday morning, I had to get through an obstacle course of a spare door, cold chips, a precariously balanced chair & lots of household items to get to the bathroom. I gave up & went back to bed.
So, I did indeed make it to 50! Most of these facts are incredibly boring & pointless so congratulations if you made it to the end!

If you've done a facts post, leave a link in a comment!
Chloe x

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