Thin Thursday

Hi everyone!

Lately, a group of bloggers & Tweeters have begun a series of blog posts adorned with #ThinThursday, to lose weight/ get fit/ support one another. After my New Year's resolutions post & 21 before 21, I knew I needed some structure & motivation in my life. So, I asked to join in.

I'm not particularly going for weight loss, though it is something I'm conscious of. I honestly just want to be fit, healthy & happy (and a bit more muscle wouldn't go astray!) While this is spurred on a little bit because I weighed myself last week and wanted to cry, I plan on just going by size & fitness. If I can run a mini marathon in five months time at the same weight? I'd be happy.

So, to start off, I'm doing the 30 day shred, cutting back on junk, & walking more. I'm not following any plan - I think exercise and a balanced diet will work for me, in the long term. My parents are inspiring me a little - My dad gave up junk on New Year's Day and walks three miles, every night. My mum goes for two walks a day and is starting to jog. They've lost around two & a half stone between them plus I can see that they're much happier with themselves.

So, hopefully next week I'll report back as feeling a bit fitter, and having more energy. I want to take my time, because this isn't a diet for me - It's my life.

Click on #ThinThursday on Twitter to read the other girls' posts, & how they're getting on in week four. 

Do you follow an exercise/ meal plan? 
Chloe x


Lawls at a Ball

Hey girls!

So, like last year, I wanted to do a post on the TCD Law Ball. Basically, a black-tie event that I couldn't wait to get dressed up for! I was worrying about my appearance & had to beg for help but I got my style dilemma sorted, managed to fix my hair & lasted all night!

(PS - I was wearing Cocoa Brown tan, which I've already reviewed.)

A bit of a pic heavy post coming up - Be prepared!

MAC Prep & Prime Skin and Benefit The Porefessional
Face 2 Foundation in Cameo Beige
MUFE Lift Concealer in 03
Louise Gray for Topshop Up In The Air Blush (the coral shade)
ELF Studio HD Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon

Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Benefit Eyecon
Elizabeth Arden palette (Pale pink shade, there's no name) on lid
Urban Decay Naked Palette - Virgin in inner corner, Darkhorse in crease
Loreal Super Liner Gel 
17 Eye Kohl
Clinique High Impact Masara
Urban Decay Buck on brows

MUFE Lipstick in L157

I did my hair myself, I pretty much just plaited bits & pinned it up!
Hairband from Pull & Bear

River Island, reduced to €24.
It was pale pink/peach, with a lace insert in the front and a split chiffon skirt.

Topshop, reduced to €22 from €103.

The Mansion House on Dawson St, Dublin.

i.e. the best part.
Roasted red pepper & smoked paprika soup
Club cut sirloin of beef, horseradish pomme puree, truffled glazed asparagus, red wine jus
Chocolate profiterole, cheesecake, wild berry compote with orange cream

I decided to decorate myself a bit more. In fairness, my make up held up really well!

It was definitely a good night, and I loved the chance to dress up & try out different hair & make up ideas!

Chloe x


Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic

Hi lovelies!

First up, let me say - I must have had to check the spelling of my title at least ten times, the word 'apocalips' really confused me! But for the last week, it's the product on everyone's lips. Rimmel Apocalips are lip lacquers, so basically a mix between a lipgloss & lipstick - I pictured a very heavy, opaque lip gloss. and I'm pretty sure that's what I got.

I was browsing in Boots for a cheap foundation/ BB cream to get me through a weekend at home, since I forgot to pack one, and I noticed seven out of the eight shades. Since Rimmel was on 3-for-2, I thought it'd be rude not to try out two, on top of the BB cream I ended up with. After some serious swatching, one of the shades I bought was Apocaliptic.

It's a quite blue-toned pink, which is bright but not neon. It's a stunning shade, and I think it's the perfect way to get some bright lips out there, without being too in-your-face for every day wear. (Then again, I can wear anything to college!) The packaging is sleek & sturdy, and the wand is perfect - There's a little well in the applicator, which collects enough product to cut down on double dipping. It's fabulous!

Without & with flash.

It's extremely opaque & glossy. It applies beautifully & does stay glossy for a few hours, but this does mean that it transfers onto cups/ bottles etc quite easily. Once it faded, my lips were still stained, but fading was even, so I didn't absolutely have to top up. I applied it around 9:30AM and after a rainy walk, few bottles of water & some Belvita, it was still going strong! I reapplied around 2PM, just because I had the time & it was still there at the end of the day.

Apocaliptic in action.

I really, really like both this shade & Apocalips in general. They're cheap (€7.55-ish), they're pigmented, they're long lasting & they're pretty. What more could you want?

Have you bought any Apocalips? What do you think?

Chloe x


Life via pictures #5

Okay, it's been a while. But this is a quick glimpse of what I've been up to!

Rimmel Apocalips - Snowy view
Trying out my NIMA Mitt - Afraid Tesco might run out of Belvita?
Sorting out make up - Yankee candles 
Three bean chilli with Georgia - Reduced Topshop shoes


Cocoa Brown Tan

Cocoa Brown Tan is the latest product to be covered in hype on Irish bloggers. EVERYONE seemed to be in love with the tan developed by Marissa Carter raving about the quick development, and lack of 'tan smell'. Add in that it can be washed off after an hour, and there was an instant buzz around this tan.  Normally, I don't really get excited by new tans - One layer of a gradual tan will give me a slight glow, and I like to throw it on before I go to bed, so I don't worry about developing time.

But, I like to try out Irish products, and I figured if I didn't like it, €7.99 wasn't the worst money to throw down the drain. Plus (being the shallow, shallow girl that I am), I thought it'd look good on my desk. It's bright pink and slots in nicely with my other products. But how did it actually perform?

Quite simply, the other reviews I'd read were very, very right. The mousse formula is easy to apply with a mitt, and a little goes a long way. You can also see it as you apply it so no fear of missing out on patches! It dried into my skin pretty much instantly, but you have time to blend it in, don't worry! I left it on for about two hours, because I wanted more than a light glow, but being too dark doesn't suit me. A quick shower, and I hit the hay, ready to check the development out in the morning.

Initially? I didn't think I looked that tanned. Then, I compared my skin to my 'before' pictures, and realised that the colour was just so natural & non-streaky that it looked perfect! (I feel like I'm rolling out cliches, but I'm just very impressed.)

Before; After

My skin looks a lot more even, and has a lovely brown colour. It didn't cover up the bruise on my shin, but it didn't claim it would. The tan lasted four days, fading evenly until I scrubbed it all off to get ready for another application. I wouldn't say it was my favourite smell, but it wasn't at all biscuity, plus I could up with a tan-smell for the two hours! I'll have a post up soon about a night out, with more pictures of the tan in action.

So, to sum up; I LOVE THIS. It's a gorgeous colour, lasts beautifully and won't break the bank (student discount got it for €7.20 - Every little helps). You can check out the website or tweet @CocoaBrownTan with any questions.

Have you tried Cocoa Brown tan? What's  your favourite tan?

Chloe x


Liebster Award

Big thank you to Celeste from Madames Made Up for nominating me for a Liebster award!

The Liebster award is for blogs with under 200 followers, and it's pretty simple.
You nominate 11 up-and-coming bloggers, with under 200 followers.
Tell everyone 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you.
And finally, come up with 11 new questions & let the bloggers know that they've been nominated!

11 Facts About Me

  1. I insist on ordering chili con carne whenever it's on the menu, even though I never got through more than half of it.
  2. If there is a reality show, I will watch it. Last week consisted of Celebrity Big Brother, Come Dine With Me, Dublin Wives, Operation Transformation, Dancing On Ice AND The Voice of Ireland. That's really quite bad..
  3. I could probably live on pasta. I eat it with chicken dippers, in pasta carbonara, with tomato sauce.. I'm switching to wholewheat pasta just to try justify it a little more!
  4. I have twelve piercings & plan on adding another two in the next few months.
  5. I've traveled a decent amount, but the one place I have yet to go is England, even though it's so close!
  6. I spend considerable amounts of time watching videos of One Direction on YouTube with my sisters. They're all 13 and under, so maybe I need to grow up. They're just SO fun though!
  7. I called my cat Molly, after one of The Morbegs. She wasn't green with weird ears though.
  8. I'm really bossy at home - I try slip vegetables into everyone's dinner, send my dad out for walks, etc. I disguise it as caring for them.
  9. I have county medals in camogie, gaelic football, soccer & rowing. Yet I seem to have slacked on sport as I got older.
  10. I love matching underwear & literally still look wistfully at the spot where La Senza used to be on Grafton Street.
  11. I want to get a tattoo that has personal meaning to me, but I'm terrified that as I get older, it could stretch/ I'd get judged for it!

Celeste's Questions
  1. Why did you decide to write a blog? I loved reading blogs every day, and wanted to share my opinions as well. Plus, no-one else wanted to listen to me compare twenty different mascaras!
  2. Converse or runners? I obviously wear runners when exercising, but otherwise I choose Converse.
  3. Dance music or Rock music? Probably dance, it tends to energise me, especially when it's pop/dance!
  4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I've always been incredible self-conscious about my smile. My teeth have been improving with treatments, but I'd like them to finally be straight & bright!
  5. Favourite perfume? Lancome La Vie Est Belle is my new favourite. It's very sweet but always cheers me up!
  6. What blogger needs more followers? I think the bloggers I've nominated below deserve a look & a follow - I love all their blogs, some more-so than more 'popular' blogs!
  7. What was the last nice thing you did for someone? Stopped one of my friends buying a dress that she didn't need - It might not sound like much, but I was helping her!
  8. Where are you from? Wexford, in south-east of Ireland. I'm living in Dublin for college, but go home every weekend.
  9. Who inspires you? My parents. My mum is very confident & opinionated (in a good way!) and would do anything for her family. My dad is literally so sweet, and everyone he works with likes to tell me that he never stops talking about how proud he is of me.
  10. Favourtie childhood film? Matilda. I always loved this film, and also loved the books! 
  11. What is your pet peeve? Rudeness. People who bump into you then glare at you, snap at you, walk on top of you, blow smoke in your face.. The list goes on!

My 11 Questions
  1. What are you wearing right now?
  2. What is your Holy Grail product?
  3. Describe your skincare routine.
  4. Plain nails or decorated?
  5. What is your favourite make up brand?
  6. What was the last book you read?
  7. What were the last three things you bought?
  8. Favourite dinner?
  9. What's your favourite TV show?
  10. What is your dream job?
  11. Who is your role model?

I nominate..

I love all these blogs, check them out!
Chloe x


Soap & Glory Hand Food

Hello girls :)

Most of you probably know all about Sop & Glory's amazing hand cream - Hand Food. Like a lot of people, I'm a big fan so I thought I'd let you know why.

I work in a builder's yard/ hardware store so at the end of the day, my hands are usually covered in paint, cement & dirt. When you add in the blisters & cuts usually on my palms from rowing, it's not hard to guess that my hands are pretty rough & U-G-L-Y. Enter my desperate need for a saviour.

Now, look - Hand Food is not a miracle in a little squeezy tube. (Full marks for packaging though. It's much more hygienic than a tub, and the pink is cute. It naturally also matches my vast collection of S&G products.) But while it's never going to make my blisters disappear overnight, it soothes any sore patches instantly. It's quite a rich cream, that does feel slightly greasy as you begin to rub it in, but it sinks in nice and quickly.

While I love applying it at night, before I get into bed, there's no problems with using it first thing in the morning, or throughout the day. It can still be felt on your skin up to a few hours later, but in an entirely pleasant way. My hands tend to feel soft the second it's applied, but with continued use, they keep that softness and dry out less. I have to admit that the sweet smell also appeals to me, though anyone with sensitive skin might find it too perfumed.

A 125ml tube costs between €6-€7 (Student discounts mean I'm never 100% on prices!) But, I've never actually picked it up on its own. Every Soap & Glory set I've got recently includes this. Therefore, I have one in my student accommodation, one back at home, & a travel sized one to cart around. It's definitely worth a try, especially if your main wishes are for soft skin, and quickly.

Do you have a favourite hand cream, or do you try new ones when you run out?

Chloe x


January Wishlist

It's been a whole six months since I last did a wishlist post - Since then, there's been a lot of time to drool over make up, clothes & other things that I don't need but would probably give me left arm for! (I'm a rightie anyway, the other hand just gets in the way.)

5. 6. 

1. Do I even have to explain this? Origins Super Spot Remover is practically a cult product. my skin isn't the worst but spots always pop up at the worst times along my chin & jaw. I like to think knowing I had an effective treatment might stop the dreaded squeezing!

2. While on the hunt for shoes to match my dress, these New Look Silver Strap Heels caught my eye. They are not my usual style at all, however.. I'm thinking they might just pair well with the dress? Time will tell.

3. Don't even ask. I KNOW it's still January. I KNOW this top would give me zero support. I KNOW I'd probably never wear it. But the simple black of this River Island Cut Out Bikini Top and matching bottoms just calls me. And won't hang up.

4. In all my Christmas excitement, I'd forgotten a lovely Make Up For Ever voucher that was in my possession. I'm thinking this Invisible Cover HD Foundation could be a dream on nights out, and still have to choose what else to pick up!

5. After a hair cut & excessive dying, my hair is crying out for some love. Lauren's Way Dream Rollers seem a lot kinder to hair than heated rollers or Velcro - There aren't a lot of reviews though, so I'm not completely sold.

6. Love them or hate them, Glamorous Disco Pants are much cheaper than the originals & are apparently the best dupe. Due to my serious love for skirts, the only trousers I turn to are jeggings so Disco Pants could be a nice alternative.

Do you have any of the above? What's on your wishlist?

Chloe x


21 Before 21

My 21st birthday is the 10th of May, 2014. So I give myself until then to try these 21 new things & have fun while doing them.

1. Do twelve driving lessons & get my full license. 
I invested in a car when my dad was buying a new one, & I can actually drive. But forking out for the mandatory lessons so I can legally drive alone is a whole other story.

2. Read ten books - 5 classics, & 5 from new authors. 
I tend to re-read my favourites, or just try out different books from the same few authors. Recently, I haven't even found the time to read a magazine, which needs to change.

3. Complete a mini marathon. 
I have done the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, but I walked it & as it was with my school, I didn't choose the charity. I want to jog/run it and fund-raise for a charity that has personal meaning to me.

4. Go to a psychic.
Maybe it's not particularly important, but I've been interested in going to see a psychic since my early teens. I take it very light-heartedly but I love hearing people's stories about their experiences.

5. Be a lot less stubborn.
I am not particularly good at forgiving & forgetting. Even if something doesn't bother me much at the time, I can latch onto it later and let it eat away at me. I also snap at people easily & don't have enough patience. (Mainly this only applies to people my own age; I have lots of patience for older people & children.)

6. Update my CV to really sell myself.
Although I have a part-time job, that is always open to change, so I need to have my CV ready & current. I wrote a basic one when I was in secondary school, & since I've gotten two jobs since then through interviews, it hasn't changed much.

7. Participate in a debate.
I was on my school's debate team, and I LOVED it. I always felt completely confident at the podium, my speeches & rebuttal would come quite naturally to me, and to be honest I loved the compliments I'd get. Despite promising the teacher over us that I'd keep it up, debates in college felt a bit too intimidating.

8. Cook/ bake ten new things.
I love cooking for myself, but tend to stick to the same things; and cooking at home is a nightmare when my sisters choose to be picky, so it's all pretty simple. So I want to create new things to try; or healthier versions of my favourite meals.

9. Swear A LOT less.
I am absolutely foul-mouthed. While I know how to gauge a situation and never curse in front of my parents, kids, in work, etc, when I'm relaxed with friends, it just slips out. And I know, it's awful hearing it so much so I need to really try and limit it.

10. Donate blood.
Just one of those things that I always mean to do, but never actually get around to. I don't even know my blood type, but it's something that is beneficial & requires so little effort that I don't have an excuse not to.

11. Do a detox.
Just one of those things that I want to try, I guess. Sometimes I do feel incredibly sluggish & it's hard to get back into eating healthily, so I want to see if cuttings crap out for a few days does give me a quick boost & motivate me to eat well 80% of the time.

12. Spend a day with each of my sisters.
When I was younger, I loved getting to go stay with one of my older cousins & just doing stuff. I really enjoy spending time with my younger sisters, so I want to treat each of them - A cinema trip, a day shopping, whatever.

13. Stay in a hotel.
What can I say? I like hotels. And the last time I was in one, I had my own room after a wedding. It was amazing.

14. Dance all night.
I love a good night out but recently, I just get sick of minding drunk friends, organising taxis, etc. I just want a very long dance session, to crap music.. Possibly a rave. Preferably, on holiday.

15. Learn to swim.
I used to go swimming every week, but I never progressed past a certain point. I feel really inadequate that my sisters have completed the course whereas I'm scared of open sea. Also, even though I wear a life jacket when rowing/coxing, I'd be screwed if I fell into the water.

16. Get a facial.
Again, something I've done but didn't appreciate. I want my skin to look healthy so a skin analysis & treatment would be amazing!

17. Try pole fitness.
I get really, incredibly bored of fitness classes so I need to be kept interested. Also, my upper body strength is seriously lacking. It looks fun but I've always been too nervous to try it!

18. Go on a trip.
Really, I mean a road trip, but a lack of car hinders that. So either visit somewhere new in Ireland or maybe see a few places in Europe, depending on money!

19. Be confident in a bikini.
Or just with my body. I've had body issues since I was fourteen, so I've basically missed out on just relaxing at the beach without feeling self conscious. This doesn't necessarily involve losing weight, just relaxing about my appearance.

20. Write a few serious posts/ articles.
I love talking about make up & beauty, but variety is the spice of life and there are obviously other things that are important to me. Whether I publish them or not, I like putting my thoughts on paper. (Or on the internet.)

21. Keep a record of all the above.
Obviously I'll track my progress here, but I want a book filed with photos & other reminders to help me remember what I've done.

Chloe x


Style SOS

Heuston, we have a problem.

In two weeks time, I plan on attending a ball. It's very much a Cinderella affair - Flying solo with a beautiful dress, just minus the midnight curfew. But like Cinderella.. I'm on the look-out for a glass slipper. Preferably, a pair.

But I don't know what shoes to pair with the dress! A nude, full length dress - But the skirt come to just above the knee, and is then covered by a chiffon layer, with splits. So the feet will be very much on display!

Of course, I couldn't expect my readers' help without a picture of the dress - So here it is.

Any suggestions on what style to go for? Any help is much appreciated!

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Beauty Bloggers Tag

Hi girls,

Today I decided to do a tag, since it's been quite a while. I found this one over on the lovely Adele's blog, & it made me think about why I enjoy blogging so I wanted to share it with you!

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
.I guess I started about a year ago, though I go through periods of forgetting to post! Mainly, I started because I loved reading blogs & other people's opinions and just wanted to share my own. Also, most of my friends were sick of me talking on, and on, and ON about things they had no interest in. I needed an outlet!

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
I don't know if you'd call it a blog, but like most Irish girls, I read Beaut.ie regularly & then found their blog list. From there, I think CherrySue & Fluff and Fripperies were the first two Irish blogs I loved, followed by ETCLLYMLRS and Thunder & Threads when I explored a bit more. Now, I have a list of over 100 blogs that I read daily!

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
I think it was Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer. While I may have bought it initially due to rave reviews on blogs, I'm now on my third repurchase & still loving it It covers any under-eye circles I have but also matches my skin tone if I can't find concealer for blemishes.

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?
My favourite thing is the community - I love having chats with other bloggers on Twitter, they're such lovely people!

I love sharing my opinion, especially if something really works for me or I don't get the hype.

I like seeing how other bloggers use a product - Reading reviews on YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation informed me that flat foundation brushes were working better for application.

I love finding out about new products or even oldies but goodies. Especially when it's something I wouldn't have considered or known about!

Finally, I have to admit that I get a burst of joy when someone comments on my blog or tweets me. Shallow, maybe, but it makes me feel good!

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?
That I don't need every new product - I wait, see how it works for other people and don't immediately rush out. Also, high street dupes can be better than high end products.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
My skin are regime is much improved - Hello Liz Earle! Also, less is more and it's always easier to add a bit more than take it off. I've learned LOADS & made small changes as a result.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Blog about what you love & don't try to be someone/ something you're not - Write what you want to read & it comes across much better. Also, a legible font is appreciated!

Name your top five brands!
Oh wow. Difficult but..
  1. Revlon
  2. YSL
  3. Essence
  4. Benefit
  5. MAC
Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!
Even more difficult! I know I'll want to change this but the first five that spring to mind -
  1. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation
  2. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer
  3. OPI Nail Envy
  4. Loreal Studio Gel Eyeliner
  5. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

Tag other beauty bloggers to do this tag!
I tag anyone who's interested to do this tag!

If you do it, link me to it in the comments :)
Chloe x

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Not So Lovely Stuff.

Every once in a while, a few things come around that really, really infuriate me. And today, that thing was the "My daddy works for KMPG" video. I won't share the video here, because I don't want to spread it further but I'm sure a lot of people have already seen it. For those of you who haven't, it's a video of a drunk girl, informing people that they are 'plebs' and 'povs', whereas her dad is the highest earning partner in KPMG.

It caused quite the reaction on social media; Simply post a tweet that includes 'KPMG' & you'll get a few instant favourites, retweets or replies. There are people slagging her, people defending her & the few idiots that turn up to offer forward death threats. Quite frankly, I'm not here to deal with the reactions to the video or the abuse that girl received. I just want to address her comments.

Without trying to be too stereotypical, this girl can be seen as a D4 - With a sense of entitlement. I went on a bit of a Twitter rant , because I've come across people like this, all too regularly. They're the ones whose parents pay for everything, the ones who presumed they'd always go to college 'just because' and never worried about how to pay for it. They're the ones who looked down on me for growing up in a mobile home,  or for picking strawberries while applying for other jobs. They're the kind of people who made me doubt my college choices in the first place.

Since fourth year, I knew what I wanted to do - I wanted Law & German, in Trinity. BUT I was afraid. Afraid that it would be full of snobs. I'm delighted to say that, for the most part, I was wrong. I've met some of the most down to earth people here (even the ones whose parents fork out or college for them aren't all bad!) but simultaneously, there are a few arrogant idiots.

Last year, I was having a few more doubts, once I got to college. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to afford the next accommodation payment, or that paying back my student loan would become more of a struggle. Listening to people wither on about who had and hadn't gone to private school, and how they demanded a Mac for college, and I felt considerably out of my depth.

But you know something? Screw them. I'm proud of where I come from - I might have grown up in a bedroom under 3 feet square, but I would never look down on my parents for bringing me up there while saving for a house. I might have to work every weekend & holiday, and give up on nights out to babysit, but I love my job and I appreciate my degree because I'm paying for it. And I might have to rely on help financially, in the form of charity & a grant - But I am working hard, so I can afford to get a job I want & repay all the help I receive.

I won't lie - I am doing my degree with the hope that one day, I will have a well-paid job & be financially secure. But I will never, ever forget where I come from and I truly appreciate that my parents brought me up,  not with money, but with class. Because there are some things that money really cannot buy.

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What I got for Christmas

Hello lovelies,

Christmas may be well and truly over (We took down the decorations yesterday - Sob!) but I thought I'd do a little post on what I got from friends & Santy (Yes, the big man still delivers my presents. I'm a believer.)

I've seen a few posts with disclaimers on them, reminding their readers that they are not bragging about their gifts. I simply love these type of posts, as it appeals to my inner curiosity, so I wanted to share my presents just in case any one has run out of other posts to nose through!

My presents.

I was incredibly lucky in what I received. Probably enough bath & body sets to last til next Christmas - A ready made excuse to chill out in a bath sometime soon. 
My main present was an Android tablet, which I requested for travelling, because my laptop was giving me awful back pains & I felt 19 going on 90... Coupled with my lovely new diary, I will try to be a tad more organised this year! 
Lancome La Vie Est Belle is a perfume I've been lusting after for a while, so when I saw a set in the Christmas sales, I picked it up for myself. I also picked up a new purse a few months back, and kept it until Christmas. I gave it to my parents, to give back to me as a present! I appreciate it more like that.

Beauty & nail-related bits & bobs.

I should also have enough make up to last me for a very, very long time.. But I can't say no. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat is my new favourite thing, followed closely by the Real Techniques Expert Face brush. Lots of new nail polishes, a few nail wraps to experiment with, & Benefit's Sexy Little Stowaways kit, and I'm a happy bunny.

So, that's Christmas & the season of good-will gone for another year. I'll try get up a post on the few things I picked up in the sales, but there may be a spending ban on the way!

If you did a post on your Christmas gifts, feel free to leave a link in the comments so I can re-live the joy of gifts all over again!

Chloe x


Mice & Easy


I have to admit, I am a sucker for nail polishes. I haven't used a ridiculous amount of some that I just 'had to' buy, but one thing I'm not big on is collections. Until this one came along.

How cute is the packaging? I was easily amused by this.

OPI's Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection looked pretty, I don't have THAT many reds or pinks, and the mini bottles seemed like a sensible option, with just 3.75ml in each bottle (If You Moust You Moust, The Colour of Minnie, I'm All Ears & an OPI topcoat).  And then it arrived in the post & I realised that my love for one polish overshadowed all the others. 

(L-R) The Colour of Minnie, If You Moust You Moust, I'm All Ears, Rapidry Topcoat

'If You Moust You Moust' jumped out at me - I'm a big fan of creme finishes. While I've read a few reviews claiming that it's a standard pink, I don't have anything like it. I expected a light pink but what I got was much nicer - A bright, yet not neon polish. To be frank, if you're a fan of Barbie pink nails, stock up on this quick. If not, it's still a nice colour for when you want something simple. 

I won't lie, it does take three coats for opacity. Normally this doesn't bother me, but seeing as the mini bottle is quite small, I wanted to get as much use out of it as possible. (I have a ready-made excuse for picking up the full size.)

Three coats of If You Moust You Moust.

Like what you see? I originally purchased the set for €14.50 from Cloud 10 Beauty, but Beauty Emporium currently have the full sized bottle on offer for €6.75. It's a sign. 

Have you been lured in by collections, to find one stand out polish?

Until next time,
Chloe x
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