Essence Blush Sorbet

Hi girls :)

After about 5 minutes to get ready this morning, hasty make-up application in the car (not while driving obviously), and forgetting most of my make up, when my blusher-less self spotted Essence's new Fruity range on stands, I couldn't resist picking up their new Blush Sorbet in 01 Smoothie Operator. Cheap, cheerful & the perfect rainy day pick-me-up.

The packaging & plastic tub.

First things first - The white lid & pink font is not the nicest. It's quite cheap looking, which I don't usually expect from Essence. The plastic tub doesn't bother me - It looks simple & neat. But hey, it's the product inside that counts. Essence describes it as 'an intense pink-red shade', but I think it's a tad more coral. And it has amazing an golden glimmer. But the first thing I noticed when opening the lid was the strong burst of fruity fragrance. It cheered me up quite a bit, but if you have sensitive skin or strong scents bother you, it's probably not for you. However, the smell doesn't transfer to your skin.

Swatched thickly & thinly.

And how does it look? Despite its brightness in the tub, it really gives a pretty sheer, natural flush that certainly looks healthy. It blends well and can be applied with a brush or fingers. It's the first time I've used a creamy/ liquid blush, and I do think I prefer my powder blushes, but it's certainly a light alternative on hot, sunny days (If we get any more - Fingers crossed!)

Overall, it's not the prettiest product on the outside, but the colour is gorgeous & can be built upeasily. So I don't think it'll become a favourite, but for €3.29, I won't complain.

Have you gotten any products from the new Fruity collection? 

Chloe x


  1. That looks really nice. I haven't tried any of the new range yet but for that price, who can resist?!

    1. The range is so cute, if I had had any more cash on me, I would have grabbed the lipbalms & some eye sorbet too!


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