Weekend Haul.

Hello ladies,

I haven't posted all week because I've been working flat out - I'm not used to long, long days so even though I was home about 6PM, I couldn't find the energy to type up a new post. But we finished our stock take miraculously early today, so I managed to get tomorrow off, AND have a wander to the shops. Where I blew my hard-earned cash.

What did I pick up?

Head in the Clouds, Floating on a Breeze, Heart on your Sleeve

Superdrug Dy Shampoo - Buy 1, get 2 free. Don't worry, I do actually wash my hair & don't resort to a daily dousing of dry shampoo. But for €2.35 for three, I couldn't say no. I'll see how they compare with my usual Batiste!

c07 ¿Holo QuĂ© Tal?!, C02 Million Dollar Baby, C04 Shake It! Flake It!

Catrice Million Styles Effect Top Coat - If the Beaut.ie Blather is anything to go by, these topcoats are highly sought after & more difficult to find than Wally. I picked them up in Sam McCauley's in Wexford for €3.29 each, & might just return for a few extras to give-away, so keep your eyes peeled!

NP 294 Cyan Blue, RNP 2 Blue, TMLP 207

Barry M Nail Paint & Lip Paint - After seeing Cyan Blue on so many blogs, I just wanted it, so I forked out €3.65 in Superdrug. And since the Retro Blue nail paint was free if you spent €7.50, I picked up the Touch of Magic Lip Paint  for €5.55 too. 

Cotton Wool Pads, V05 Nourish Me Truly conditioner

Finally, the least exciting of my purchases - Boots had buy one, get one half-price on cotton pads, so I got packets for €3.94, for removing nail polish & eye make up. Since bleaching my hair, it needs a bit of a boost, so the conditioner was €1.25 in Superdrug, & promises a 'divine transformation'. We'll see.

So considering that this is my first shopping trip in about a month, and looking at the amount I got, I don't think I spent too much - They were necessary purchases! Sort of.

I might review a few of these items soon, so watch out! 
Have you picked up anything recently?

Chloe x


  1. We haven't got the million styles here :( I'm so annoyed!!
    I love the barry m's you bought!!

    1. This is the first place I've seen them, even though they were supposed to be out in April! I'm thinking of trying out a blue ombre nail with them :)

  2. oh the catrice is fab i wanna get some when i head back for the weekend!! I didnt like the dry shampoo, let me know how u get on!!

    1. It's lovely, I picked up another three today! Impossible to find by the sound of it though so good luck :)
      Hopefully it works for me but at least it's cheap enough , even if it's not great!

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about the dry shampoo! I love Batiste so I'll be interested to hear if it matches up!



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