Strawberry Nails!

Hi girls!

Well, for the summer I've been picking strawberries part-time, & this weekend in Enniscorthy, the Strawberry Fest is taking place. And therefore - What would be more appropriate than strawberry-themed nails? They're cute,but unbelievably simple.

All you need are red, green and yellow polishes, and something to do dots with - I just used a hair clip, it was closest to hand. Use whichever base/top coat you want too! My polishes were Catrice 740 King of Greens, a Claire's Accessories yellow polish, Rimmel 325 Hot Gossip and I used a white polish too, to make the yellow stand out a bit more. Any polishes can be used though!

1. Paint your nails with the red polish. I used two coats to make sure it was opaque.
2. Paint a line of green over the top - It doesn't need to be neat, because you're going to do two or three little points underneath the line, to look like the leaves. Some people use tape for this, but strawberries aren't all perfect, so feel free to have it a bit messy!
3. Finally, the seeds on the outside. If using a white polish, just dot it onto the red part of your nails, using your dotting tool. Then, when dry, cover it with your yellow polish. Once again,don't worry about the neatness!
4. Sit back and admire your handiwork. Then gorge yourself on strawberries - They count towards your 5 a day, so guilt free!

And it's as simple as that. What are your favourite nail looks at the moment?

Chloe x


  1. Love this- very cute. Want some strawberries now though...and a glass of Pimms to finish them off! xx

    1. Thank you! Haha, a strawberry daiquiri would be perfect! xx

  2. Do you keep a lot of the strawberries that you pick? That would be a great plus!

    Your nails look adorable, I wish I could do some more designs on mine :)

    Amour, Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie :)Unfortunately no, that would eat into my wages! Though I might get a few sneaky ones.. Haha!

  3. Lovely! I want to try to reproduce these xD

    I am a new follower and it would mean a lot if you check out my blog. http://cbeautybox.com

    1. Thanks Cristina! They're really simple to try :)
      No problem, I appreciate the follow & will definitely look at it! xo


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