21 Before 21

My 21st birthday is the 10th of May, 2014. So I give myself until then to try these 21 new things & have fun while doing them.

1. Do twelve driving lessons & get my full license. 
I invested in a car when my dad was buying a new one, & I can actually drive. But forking out for the mandatory lessons so I can legally drive alone is a whole other story.

2. Read ten books - 5 classics, & 5 from new authors. 
I tend to re-read my favourites, or just try out different books from the same few authors. Recently, I haven't even found the time to read a magazine, which needs to change.

3. Complete a mini marathon. 
I have done the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, but I walked it & as it was with my school, I didn't choose the charity. I want to jog/run it and fund-raise for a charity that has personal meaning to me.

4. Go to a psychic.
Maybe it's not particularly important, but I've been interested in going to see a psychic since my early teens. I take it very light-heartedly but I love hearing people's stories about their experiences.

5. Be a lot less stubborn.
I am not particularly good at forgiving & forgetting. Even if something doesn't bother me much at the time, I can latch onto it later and let it eat away at me. I also snap at people easily & don't have enough patience. (Mainly this only applies to people my own age; I have lots of patience for older people & children.)

6. Update my CV to really sell myself.
Although I have a part-time job, that is always open to change, so I need to have my CV ready & current. I wrote a basic one when I was in secondary school, & since I've gotten two jobs since then through interviews, it hasn't changed much.

7. Participate in a debate.
I was on my school's debate team, and I LOVED it. I always felt completely confident at the podium, my speeches & rebuttal would come quite naturally to me, and to be honest I loved the compliments I'd get. Despite promising the teacher over us that I'd keep it up, debates in college felt a bit too intimidating.

8. Cook/ bake ten new things.
I love cooking for myself, but tend to stick to the same things; and cooking at home is a nightmare when my sisters choose to be picky, so it's all pretty simple. So I want to create new things to try; or healthier versions of my favourite meals.

9. Swear A LOT less.
I am absolutely foul-mouthed. While I know how to gauge a situation and never curse in front of my parents, kids, in work, etc, when I'm relaxed with friends, it just slips out. And I know, it's awful hearing it so much so I need to really try and limit it.

10. Donate blood.
Just one of those things that I always mean to do, but never actually get around to. I don't even know my blood type, but it's something that is beneficial & requires so little effort that I don't have an excuse not to.

11. Do a detox.
Just one of those things that I want to try, I guess. Sometimes I do feel incredibly sluggish & it's hard to get back into eating healthily, so I want to see if cuttings crap out for a few days does give me a quick boost & motivate me to eat well 80% of the time.

12. Spend a day with each of my sisters.
When I was younger, I loved getting to go stay with one of my older cousins & just doing stuff. I really enjoy spending time with my younger sisters, so I want to treat each of them - A cinema trip, a day shopping, whatever.

13. Stay in a hotel.
What can I say? I like hotels. And the last time I was in one, I had my own room after a wedding. It was amazing.

14. Dance all night.
I love a good night out but recently, I just get sick of minding drunk friends, organising taxis, etc. I just want a very long dance session, to crap music.. Possibly a rave. Preferably, on holiday.

15. Learn to swim.
I used to go swimming every week, but I never progressed past a certain point. I feel really inadequate that my sisters have completed the course whereas I'm scared of open sea. Also, even though I wear a life jacket when rowing/coxing, I'd be screwed if I fell into the water.

16. Get a facial.
Again, something I've done but didn't appreciate. I want my skin to look healthy so a skin analysis & treatment would be amazing!

17. Try pole fitness.
I get really, incredibly bored of fitness classes so I need to be kept interested. Also, my upper body strength is seriously lacking. It looks fun but I've always been too nervous to try it!

18. Go on a trip.
Really, I mean a road trip, but a lack of car hinders that. So either visit somewhere new in Ireland or maybe see a few places in Europe, depending on money!

19. Be confident in a bikini.
Or just with my body. I've had body issues since I was fourteen, so I've basically missed out on just relaxing at the beach without feeling self conscious. This doesn't necessarily involve losing weight, just relaxing about my appearance.

20. Write a few serious posts/ articles.
I love talking about make up & beauty, but variety is the spice of life and there are obviously other things that are important to me. Whether I publish them or not, I like putting my thoughts on paper. (Or on the internet.)

21. Keep a record of all the above.
Obviously I'll track my progress here, but I want a book filed with photos & other reminders to help me remember what I've done.

Chloe x


  1. Great idea Chloe X

    (my birthday is May 10th too!)

  2. Thanks Celeste, I'd seen it on a few other blogs & liked it! Ah now I share my birthday with someone other than Bono haha! x

  3. Love you list, I'm 29 and still need to learn to swim!!

    1. Thank you! It's something I keep thinking about but never do, even if it just means I go in the deep end of the pool!

  4. Great list Chloe and I hope you have loads of fun ticking everything off before your birthday! I have vowed to learn to properly swim this year too - hate putting my head under water!

    1. Thanks Emma! It seems a lot more common than I thought, because everyone I know seems to have mastered it!

  5. These are all brilliant :) best of luck with achieving them all x

  6. This is a really good idea! Hope u get everything done :)) xxx

    1. Thanks Catrine! Trying to piece the first few things together now :) xxx

  7. This is really cool and I love your blog! Am now following :D
    Would love a follow back :D


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