Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic

Hi lovelies!

First up, let me say - I must have had to check the spelling of my title at least ten times, the word 'apocalips' really confused me! But for the last week, it's the product on everyone's lips. Rimmel Apocalips are lip lacquers, so basically a mix between a lipgloss & lipstick - I pictured a very heavy, opaque lip gloss. and I'm pretty sure that's what I got.

I was browsing in Boots for a cheap foundation/ BB cream to get me through a weekend at home, since I forgot to pack one, and I noticed seven out of the eight shades. Since Rimmel was on 3-for-2, I thought it'd be rude not to try out two, on top of the BB cream I ended up with. After some serious swatching, one of the shades I bought was Apocaliptic.

It's a quite blue-toned pink, which is bright but not neon. It's a stunning shade, and I think it's the perfect way to get some bright lips out there, without being too in-your-face for every day wear. (Then again, I can wear anything to college!) The packaging is sleek & sturdy, and the wand is perfect - There's a little well in the applicator, which collects enough product to cut down on double dipping. It's fabulous!

Without & with flash.

It's extremely opaque & glossy. It applies beautifully & does stay glossy for a few hours, but this does mean that it transfers onto cups/ bottles etc quite easily. Once it faded, my lips were still stained, but fading was even, so I didn't absolutely have to top up. I applied it around 9:30AM and after a rainy walk, few bottles of water & some Belvita, it was still going strong! I reapplied around 2PM, just because I had the time & it was still there at the end of the day.

Apocaliptic in action.

I really, really like both this shade & Apocalips in general. They're cheap (€7.55-ish), they're pigmented, they're long lasting & they're pretty. What more could you want?

Have you bought any Apocalips? What do you think?

Chloe x


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