Thin Thursday

Hi everyone!

Lately, a group of bloggers & Tweeters have begun a series of blog posts adorned with #ThinThursday, to lose weight/ get fit/ support one another. After my New Year's resolutions post & 21 before 21, I knew I needed some structure & motivation in my life. So, I asked to join in.

I'm not particularly going for weight loss, though it is something I'm conscious of. I honestly just want to be fit, healthy & happy (and a bit more muscle wouldn't go astray!) While this is spurred on a little bit because I weighed myself last week and wanted to cry, I plan on just going by size & fitness. If I can run a mini marathon in five months time at the same weight? I'd be happy.

So, to start off, I'm doing the 30 day shred, cutting back on junk, & walking more. I'm not following any plan - I think exercise and a balanced diet will work for me, in the long term. My parents are inspiring me a little - My dad gave up junk on New Year's Day and walks three miles, every night. My mum goes for two walks a day and is starting to jog. They've lost around two & a half stone between them plus I can see that they're much happier with themselves.

So, hopefully next week I'll report back as feeling a bit fitter, and having more energy. I want to take my time, because this isn't a diet for me - It's my life.

Click on #ThinThursday on Twitter to read the other girls' posts, & how they're getting on in week four. 

Do you follow an exercise/ meal plan? 
Chloe x


  1. Oh interesting! I constantly wish to be thinner, fitter, more active, but the opposite seems to be happening! I will check out the hashtag xo

    1. I'm the exact same Emma, I can't find the time! x

  2. I always say I'll start dieting, but it never works. :( Need more motivation. xx


    1. The only thing that motivates me is when I'm doing it with my friends!

  3. you can do this :) I think the key is to plan. I go to Aldi on a sunday and buy my bits for the week, fruit for snacks and veg, and I make soup and take it to work everyday.
    it takes the stress and worry out of it for me.
    i don't eat after my dinner,
    I drink at least 2Litres of water a day
    and i try to get a 20min walk in most days.
    Little changes will make all the difference too you.
    Good Luck xxx

    1. Thanks lovely :) Definitely going to try a similar plan next week - I was following one, and it went out the window this week! Fingers crossed :) xxx

  4. I'm doing Lent, haha!
    My housemate and I aren't particularly religious, but we both decided to give up junk food for Lent, just as a willpower thing and a weightloss thing for me!
    I'm surprised at how well I'm sticking to it, I guess it helps when the other person isn't eating junk as well. Although the two of us had a constant headache for about a week and we reckon it was from a lack of chocolate! Haha :)

    1. It definitely helps when you have people supporting you - My friends are constantly on at me to share their junk, etc & I don't want them to feel bad so I just take it & eat it!


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