#SBBC 19: Storage

This is embarrassing. But right now, this is where my make up/nail polish/beauty crap is.

It WAS all nicely sorted out. Then I moved home & was just wearing whatever new stuff I bought til it got thrown to the top of the pile. But now, it needs to be sorted badly - there's only so much I can bring with me. So, here's what I would like.

organisation inspiration

This would be brilliant, under a dressing table, complete with mirror. 

Nail polish storage

I'm seriously considering making this. I used to have white walls, & colourful polishes would have looked so cool!

Make Up Storage Inspiration.

Even if I had the above dressing table, I like to see things, so I could live with this kinda storage. 

For now.. This is the only thing I need to worry about. How am I going to fit make up AND clothes in one suitcase, for a year?

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PS - I'm thinking of writing posts on switching country for the year. Let me know if you'd like to read it? 

Chloe x


  1. Oh chloe those drawers are amazing!! :)

  2. Oh god yes I want all the same storage too! And I'd definitely be interested in reading the switching posts x

  3. The table. The organised freak in me would adore that table.

  4. Id love the nail polish wall :) we defo need to have posts on your move, it'll be great to hear how your gettin on and your beauty finds abroad :)

  5. i wish i owned enough nail polish to make a nail polish wall haha! xx
    An Uninventive Name

    1. I definitely have enough, it's just all over the place! xx

  6. Wow so organised ;)



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