#SBBC 4: Positives about blogging

I'm going to keep this short & sweet. The most amazing thing about blogging? The unbelievably sweet, humorous, talented & caring people you get to know. We were all brought up with warnings of strangers on the internet, but blogging brings so many opportunities to meet new people.

I don't go to blogging events, & have only been to one meet up (because of travel, work & college), so haven't met many other bloggers in person. The ones I have were just as lovely in person as I expected, & the ones I haven't, I still love chatting to regularly.

All it takes is a quick tweet, & #bbloggers come rushing to your aid about a make up dilemma, or a product recommendation. It's like beauty Wikipedia, with charm & experience added! But it's just as nice to gossip about TV, laugh about weird experiences & help with personal problems as it is discussing beauty products. Fellow bloggers are like a whole new set of friends, with a common interest, who don't care about how often you get online - I genuinely love getting a tweet or comment from someone I've gotten to know, as well as other readers of course!

So, to anyone reading this: Thank you for all being fabulous.

Chloe x


  1. Lovely post Chloe, I feel the same way about blogging, it's been a lifesaver xx

  2. Such a lovely post and I wholeheartedly agree - the best thing about blogging is the people xo


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