#SBBC 2: Favourite eyeshadow palette

Day 2 may be late, but still on track to tell you about my favourite eyeshadow palette. Why is it late? I could barely sleep last night, trying to decide. Could it be my Naked palette? One of the colourful MUA palettes? Something to do a smokey eye with?

The shadows are housed in a slim black case. 

But finally, I made my decision. The Crown UK 28 Nude Palette is currently my top one. I won it in a competition run by Laura from All-Made-Up-21, & I've been using it regularly since it arrived. (Thank you Laura!) It was my first foray into Crown make up, and I wasn't disappointed. I have many neutral eyeshadows - the Nakeds, the MUA dupes, single eyeshadows.. But really, the shades in this are my favourite.

It's quite cool-toned, which doesn't bother me, & all the shades have a bit of shimmer. Again, I like shimmer & glitter, so it makes me happy! The only thing that could improve it, would be a black shadow, just for handiness, but I can live without it. A mirror would also be nice, but I have one with me usually anyway!

Pigmentation is good, made better with the addition of an eyeshadow primer, & wear time is also good - It carries through all day, with just slight creasing. The shadows all blend well, & can be layered a bit for extra depth. Happy days! It costs €26.24 from crownbrush.ie, so under one euro per shadow. Bargain.

That said, I do love all my other palettes (Just so they don't feel left out.)

Chloe x


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous, not a bad price at all either, will definitely keep these in mind for *C-word* presents! x

  2. Amazing palette- looks really similar to the Blank Canvas Cosmetics version I have- wonder if they are actually the same thing! And I completely agree about the lack of mirror!


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