Clinique Super City Block SPF 40

So it's June, the sun is out, and I am now 21 & paranoid about my skin. I'm pretty sure I have a forehead wrinkle already. But one thing I've always been good with is remembering suncream (Did I ever mention I'm ginger? My skin burns if the lights are too bright.) At least I've progressed a bit from slathering myself, including my face, in thick white lotion.

Last summer, in one of Clinique's Bonus Time offers, I decided Super City Block would be my skincare. City Block comes in a SPF 25 or SPF 40 variant & I picked up the SPF 40 because I'd use 100 if I could find it. And I've been using it ever since.

City Block comes in a light green tube with a silver cap. The product itself is lightly tinted but it blends out on the skin, and it evens out the skintone a little bit too. It isn't shiny at all so it's fine to wear alone, but I usually wear it under make up & it doesn't interfere with it at all.

And for the technical bits: City Block protects against both UVA & UVB rays and it protects against environmental aggressors too (like city pollution, hence City Block). It's oil free & allergy tested. I have fairly sensitive skin, and it doesn't irritate it at all, but because I have dry skin, I have to apply moisturiser with the sunscreen.

During the summer, I'm out rowing a lot, & on Sundays I might be out from 8AM til 4PM, on the sea. If the sun is out, and it reflects off the water, I need a lot of protection so I use City Block, throw on a BB cream/ concealer and then I can keep applying it over makeup throughout the day. My one problem is that City Block doesn't protect against wind burn.... It looks like sunburn but you don't even get the sun first. Boo.

City Block costs €22 for 40ml which I'm happy to pay - I only use a small amount plus there's no point in splashing out on make up when your skin is damaged.

Which facial sun protection do you use?

Chloe x


  1. Sounds nice and fair play on the rowing!

  2. Its my favorite sunscreen for bad weather, it act like a barrier against wind and cold. The Even Better spf 45 fluid is another lovely one for summer x.



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