So...? Sexy Eau De Toilette & Body Fragrance

I haven't reviewed any fragrances before, because I really find it hard to describe scents! But I love trying out different perfumes and when So...? contacted me & asked if I'd like to choose a Eau De Toilette to review, I was delighted!

So...? was probably the first brand most girls tried out (I got many Impulse & So...? gift sets for Christmas) and I always felt so grown up getting perfume. I'd discarded it since then, but when I looked through the website, I realised that the brand have changed a bit & there's a lot more fragrances, some of which sounded beautifully sophisticated. So I decided to try out So...? Sexy.

So just to break it down, here are all the notes of the EDT -

Top Notes: Mandarin & Blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Rose & Jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood & Musk

It was definitely the mandarin & blackcurrant that caught my eye, it just sounded so fresh! But I knew the sandalwood & musk would tone it down a bit. And I was right! All the scents combined form a deep perfume and it smells quite floral but not in an old-granny way - It's definitely more of a modern, subtle scent. And I admit, it is pretty much a sexy perfume! It's a bit more of a night-time fragrance because of the musk & sandalwood and I've worn it out on a few dates with my boyfriend.

The packaging isn't up there with more expensive perfumes, but I do like the outer box and the accompanying body fragrance - I think the actual bottle itself should either be clear, or completely covered with the fishnet pattern. It's a sturdy bottle though, so I'm not afraid to thrown it into my bag if I'm traveling or plan on being out for a while.

The biggest downfall of the EDT is the lasting power - It definitely doesn't hang around as long as other perfumes, but I suppose in general, eau de toilettes don't! They're supposed to be lighter, and I don't mind that, because as I said I can bring the bottle with me to top up. It's just something to keep in mind. One way of increasing the lasting power is by layering the scent, hence the body spray. The spray is a lot lighter, but if you spray a light bit on yourself then apply the EDT, it does work & last longer.

So...? Sexy is definitely a lot more grown up than some of the perfumes I had, but there's lots of choices if you're planning on picking them up as a present - I think my favourite used to be So...? Kiss Me, & I still rob some of my sisters occasionally. The 30ML fragrance is €8.49 in Boots, but the 50ML is currently on sale for only €6.49 so it's a good time to try it out! Plus it's a brand that constantly has miniature gift sets, etc.

Did you use So...? when you were growing up? Would you still use it?

Chloe x

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