Hair Update - Ginger & Blonde Ombre

Hi everyone :)

Looking at my blog stats, my most popular post is the one on ombre hair. Understandable - it's a pretty popular trend. But since then, I have re-bleached my hair, and thought I would show you guys what it looks like now. You can see my hair mid-bleach in my last Life via Pictures post, I did bring the blonde a little higher up than last time.

And - I love it! Once again, I used Jerome B Blonde Hair Lightener Kit for medium to dark brown hair, available in Boots for around €6 I think? It works anyway, & is very straight forward!

Curled & Straight

And that's all folks!

Would you like a tutorial on how to get this look, or how to care for the bleached hair afterwards?
Let me know!
Chloe x


  1. That looks gorgeous on you! Love the Ombre trend.

    1. Thank you! So do I,I love the coloured dip-dye as well!

  2. Looks great! Both the how-to and the care post would be interesting I think.

    Emma xo

    1. Thanks Emma! Hopefully I'll have time to get them done soon! x

  3. Looks lovely, I think the ombre look works so well on red hair. xxx


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