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I received a NIMA Mitt about six weeks ago & have been using it religiously since then, to give the best review possible. The mitt is used for removing make up, without using any cleanser.

Originally, I was slightly confused - How could I take off my daily make up just using a mitt? I wasn't the only one. My friend asked what the difference between this & a face cloth was. There's a big difference!

The NIMA Mitt is a pink mitt made of microfibres. By just running it under warm water, you can remove make up quickly & easily. Just rub it over your face & you can see the residue on the mitt. Plus, it desn't hesitate to tackle eye make up! I wear heavy eyeliner and have no problems taking it off. It does take slightly longer than using a remover, because you're not breaking down the make up, but it doesn't tug at the eye area.
Before & after use.

In addition, the microfibres give your skin a light exfoliation, without irritating it. I now use my NIMA Mitt during the week & switch to a cream cleanser at the weekend. I use a n exfoliator at the weekend but that's sufficient. Because I'm using less products, I find my skin is much better behaved!

To clean the mitt, just rub a bar of soap against it, rub it together & rinse. It has a little loop of ribbon, so I hang it on my window to dry. It is important to follow cleaning instructions - I had no soap one night & used baby shampoo since I use that for brushes, but it stayed grubby.

The NIMA Mitt costs €12.95 & is available online.

How do you remove make up?
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  1. This looks like such a cool product and I love the idea of not having to put as much product on your skin. I normally just use a face wipe and then a cleanser but I'm awful for missing bits and not rinsing properly

    1. It's really handy especially in the shower, & it definitely gets everything off!


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